Frequently Asked Massachusetts OUI Questions

Below I have included a link to the top frequently asked questions. Since I meet with countless people charged with Massachusetts drunk driving offenses, I have put together this list of commonly asked questions. If you have a question, you would like answered, please fill out the contact form on this website and email the question and I will provide a personal response to you and will include it on this page.

FAQS: OUI 1st OffenseFAQS: OUI 2nd OffenseFAQS: OUI 3rd OffenseFAQS: Breathalyzer Test QuestionsFAQS: Hiring an OUI LawyerFAQS: Field Sobriety TestsFAQS: Documents and Evidence in your CaseFAQS: Driver's License OUI ConsequencesFAQS: Professional License OUI ConsequencesFAQS: Court Process QuestionsFAQS: Legal Defenses and IssuesFAQS: OUI Drugs Questions
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