Massachusetts Default Warrants

If you fail to appear for a court date in Massachusetts, the court will issue a default warrant. There is a second type of warrant which is an arrest warrant. This is a warrant that the police or probation department will issue when you have been charged with a crime and the police do not know your address or believe that you are a flight risk. When you appear in court after an arrest warrant is issued, you reduce the chance that the court will set a high bail as your conduct of voluntarily appearing in court demonstrates to the court that you are not trying to run from the criminal charges.

  • Any time of warrant can be removed by appearing in court.
  • If you failed to appear in court, in many cases, you should not continue to run from the court but should appear in court with an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer.

In most cases, the court will remove the warrant and set the case down for a further court date. The court will likely assess a $ 50.00 default removal fee. If you have defaulted numerous times on the case or the case involved serious Massachusetts criminal charges, such as a 3rd offense OUI, firearms offense or serious domestic assault and battery, the court may have a hearing to decide whether you should be required to post bail as a condition of your release. A bail is money the court sets to ensure that you appear in court.

Key point to remember: A Massachusetts criminal defense attorney will be able to have warrant removed when you appear in court. The sooner you appear in court the better your chance of having the court set no cash bail or a reduced bail amount. Call Attorney DelSignore now if you have a Massachusetts default or arrest warrant issued against you.