Drug Crimes

Being charged with a drug crime can bring about a lot of anxiety. This website contains a few resources that were designed to help inform you on your drug charge and help you make a more confident decision for your next step in the process.

There are multiple routes that can be taken with a drug charge, and it is important you understand the various defenses that are available to you.

Massachusetts Drug Crimes can include the following charges:

Drug Violations with a School Zone: Under a new law recently passed, those convicted of school zone offenses will now be subject to parole eligibility. Additionally, anyone with a pending case or currently charged will be charged under the new law which reduced the scope of the school zone statute to only punish offense within 300 feet of a school zone rather than 1000 feet under the prior statute.

  • Drug charges also involve issue of forfeiture of property or money.

A Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer who handles drug cases needs to present an aggressive defense, which often includes challenging evidence and seeking a reduction or dismissal of the charges whenever possible.

In some cases, treatment options or drug court may present a defendant the chance to avoid jail time or other serious consequences of a felony drug conviction. In other cases, thoroughly investigating a case and preparing for trial will offer the best chance for success.

Drug crimes are divided between possessory crimes and those charging possession with intent to distribute, distribution of trafficking in narcotics.

Possession Crimes: Possession of illegal narcotics, marijuana, cocaine or heroin for example. Crimes of possession sometimes can be resolved short of an admission to the charge with drug treatment or through other negotiated deals with the district attorney. Any conviction, meaning a guilty finding on a drug charge will result in a license loss under Massachusetts law.

Possession with the intent to distribute narcotics: The next time of a drug offense after possession is possession with the intent to distribute. This typically involves possession of a large quantity of narcotics, with other drug paraphernalia such as having large amounts of money, scales, cell phones or other articles associated with drug distribution.

Trafficking in narcotics: involves distribution of a large quantity of narcotics. Trafficking charges are based on the type and amount of narcotics and carry substantial minimum jail sentences and are heard in the Massachusetts Superior Courts.

Massachusetts drug crimes often carry substantial penalties and the consequences of having a drug conviction on your criminal record can last a lifetime.

It is crucial to hire an experienced Massachusetts Criminal defense lawyer to handle any Massachusetts drug charge. Call Attorney DelSignore for a free consultation at 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924.

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