Internet Crimes

Internet sex crimes can have enormous consequences. These cases involve children and often are published in the newspaper resulting in immediate consequences even prior to trial. If you have been charged or even accused of a sex crime, it is important not to speak to anyone about the case and contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

An internet sex crime will have life altering consequences including jail time, registration as a sex offender, and possible GPS monitoring as well as devastating consequences to an individual’s employment opportunities and family stability.

Internet sex crimes typically involve allegations that a defendant possessed child pornography on a computer.

  • Common defenses to possession of child pornography charges involve:
  • Claims that the defendant did not possess the computer; cases involving possession require the Commonwealth to prove that the defendant had the right to exercise dominion and control over the object subject to the criminal charge.
  • The defendant did not have exclusive access to the computer and did not download the imagines
  • Fourth Amendment claims that the police did not have probable cause to obtain a search warrant to seize the computer.
  • Entrapment
  • That the computer was accessed by a third party through the internet

To defendant this charge a defendant will need to hire the service of an expert to evaluate the computer and determine how the imagines were displayed on the computer.

Attorney DelSignore is an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer that will meet with you immediately to begin preparing your defense. If you have been charged with a sex crime, you should call attorney DelSignore immediately so he can prepare your defense to these life altering charges.