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Attorney Michael DelSignore Client Reviews

Before hiring an attorney for your case, it is important to ask about their history with past cases similar to yours. Client reviews are also a great way of evaluating whether or not to hire an attorney.

The Following are reviews from my prior clients. While your case will be different from these particular cases, you can read about my experience on cases that are similar to yours and about what it is like to work with me on a case.

To maintain anonymity of the clients, exact names have not been given.

★★★★★ Trustworthy
★★★★★ Knowledgable
★★★★★ Responsive
★★★★★ Kept me informed

Amazing attorney! 5+ stars!”

If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing at attorney, hiring Mike and Julie for your case is the best decision- no questions asked. I would give more stars if I could. My case lasted for about a year, and at every point along the way, Julie and Mike were accessible and available to answer my questions. Mike exceeded my expectations when my case went to trial. It is evident how experienced he is in criminal law, the field sobriety tests, and the workings of the court system. After a long trial day (with him making my mom and myself calm throughout the entire trial), he got me a not guilty verdict! I now have my life back due to his and Julies efforts. They really are the best criminal defense team around! Thank you DelSignore Law!!

January, 2020 Category: OUI

“DUI Dismissed”

Attorney DelSignore did an excellent job representing my husband. He was easy to reach and he would stay in touch anytime, anywhere. My husbands case was fairly difficult, but Attorney DelSignore evaluated the case in full and let us know our options. Thank you attorney!

January, 2020 Category: OUI

“Informative and Helpful”

When we first met with Mike, he explained our case in easier to understand terms. Based on my performance on the field tests and other major facts of my case, Attorney DelSignore explained why he thought we had a real fighting chance to win at trial. He was able to file a motion to have my breath test results excluded at trial. I really appreciate Mikes help and his ability to navigate new territory to me.

December, 2019 Category: OUI

“I HIGHLY recommend hiring DelSignore Law attorneys!”

After being arrested on a Saturday Night, I figured I would try to call an attorney at DelSignore Law on a Sunday morning. To my surprise, I was able to speak with Attorney DelSignore and the next day, Monday morning, he was with us in court. The police report alleged that I had blood shot and glassy eyes, and that I had an odor of alcohol while I was talking with the police. The police report made it sound like the case was really stacked against me. He was very thorough and was consistently in contact with us. It was so comforting to have him on our side. After trial, I was found not guilty. I really attribute this verdict to Attorney DelSignore and all of his hard work. I can’t thank the firm enough!

December, 2019 Category: OUI

“Arrested and charged with OUI”

After being charged with OUI, I contacted a lawyer my family was familiar with. That lawyer referred me to DelSignore Law and told me that they specialized in DUI defense. After speaking with the firm, I had confidence in my case and I ultimately decided to hire them. This was probably one of the best decisions I have ever made. Mikes associate Julie handled my case almost from start to finish. Julie was always by my side, during every meeting and on every phone call with me. I was terrified of what would happen if I was found guilty. At the time, I was in college working part time jobs until I finished school. I thought it would be impossible to graduate and get into the career field that I wanted. However, come trial, Julie really tore up the court room. Her confidence shined through and it was evidence how comfortable she was in front of the judge. She believed in me and I was ultimately found not guilty. She saved my life. If you need an attorney for an OUI charge you have to hire this team!

December, 2019 Category: OUI

“A job VERY well done”

Michael did a wonderful job when I hired him to represent me on an OUI charge. I was arrested after failing the field tests and taking the breath test. I had no idea how I could fight my case with all this evidence mounted against me. However, Mike did a great job and his defense really was first rate. His performance exceeded my expectations.

October, 2019 Category: OUI

“Experienced and client focused- and it shows!”

“Attorney DelSignore was responsive from the minute I contacted him. He explained the court process and the options available to resolve my case. It was clear that he knew the local courts, the Judges, and the District Attorneys that were present. I am hopeful that I will not need his services again, but if I do I would certainly give him another call. Likewise, I would recommend him to all of my family and friends in need.”

September 26, 2019 Category: OUI

“I HIGHLY recommend Attorney DelSignore and his team. Experienced and well prepared law firm.”

“After being arrested on a Saturday Night, I figured I would try to find a lawyer the following morning. After calling roughly 10 local defense lawyers, I spoke with Mike and knew he would be the best option to handle my case. He got back to me right away but he patiently explained the OUI court process to me (on a Sunday morning). It was evident that he was seasoned in OUI law and knew what he was doing. He always made himself available to speak with me and scheduled many different meetings with me to discuss the facts of my case and his strategy. He was open and honest with me and explained the different case outcomes from the very beginning which I greatly appreciated. At trial, Mike presented a strong defense for my case, and in my opinion, he sounded more knowledgeable about the field sobriety tests than the arresting officer did. I was found not guilty after trial! I would recommend Attorney DelSignore to anyone as his attention to detail and experience will bring you the best possible outcome. Thanks again!”

August 1, 2019 Category: OUI

“Simply the best”

“Our family had an emergency and after doing much research, I decided to give Attorney DelSignore a call on a Sunday morning. To my pleasant surprise, he was available and more than open to discuss what happened and explained what we should expect as this was our first time going through the court process. He really put our mind at ease and consoled us during a tough time. We were found not guilty of both charges in court. He is truly an excellent attorney. If anyone has a criminal case PLEASE see Mike, he is the best!”

July 29, 2019 Category: OUI

“Arrested and charged with OUI and a marked lane violation”

“I hired Mike as my lawyer after being arrested for OUI and a marked lane violation. He was always available and easy to communicate with while my case was in court. He was well versed and advised me to elect for a bench trial after reviewing my case and seeing what judge was present on the day of my trial. It was so important to me that this arrest would not be on my criminal record. After trial, I was found not guilty. I would recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”

July 21, 2019 Category: OUI

“DelSignore Law was a great help during such a tough time”

“I am so grateful for Attorney DelSignore and his team. I had no experience working with a lawyer and had no working knowledge of the court system, but Mike explained every step of the way to me and my family. He kept me updated throughout the process and in the end, everything turned out perfectly. Would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for a great lawyer.”

July 20, 2019 Category: OUI

“First Offense OUI Experience”

“Hiring Mike DelSignore was the best decision I made regarding my case. He was available any day, at any time, to answer my questions. His knowledge of the law and legal process is extremely thorough. At trial, he attacked the officers knowledge of the field sobriety tests, and used my medical records to demonstrate why I may have “failed” the roadside tests. His detailed preparation for my court appearances was excellent and I could not have been more pleased with the not guilty end result!”

July 16, 2019 Category: OUI

“Case dismissed!!!”

“Attorney DelSignore is knowledgeable and, frankly, a subject matter expert. Throughout the case, he kept me informed of what to expect at the different court dates, and what was going on with my case. He did a great job keeping me informed of facts and possibilities. Through his efforts and after he filed a motion, my case was dismissed. It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside Mike. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer!”

June 1, 2019 Category: OUI

“Hire Attorney DelSignore!”

I would HIGHLY recommend hiring Attorney DelSignore and his team to help you get through your court case. He answers phone calls and gets back to you in a timely manner. He is very familiar with the court system in Massachusetts and the judge’s presiding in each court. He does his best to raise reasonable doubt in order to defend you in the best possible light. I was found not guilty after taking my case to trial! The arresting officer in my case testified and I was nervous given his strong testimony, however, Attorney DelSignore was able to raise reasonable doubt in the jurors’ mind! Attorney DelSignore knows the DUI laws and how to use them to his advantage much better than a general practice lawyer. I highly recommend you consider being represented by Attorney DelSignore if you want the best possible outcome for your case.

April 5, 2019 Category: OUI

“First Offense OUI Experience with DelSignore Law”

Before being charged with OUI I was not aware of the consequences it can have on your life. The day after my arrest, I felt as if my world was over, that I would be out of a job, and that I would have to deal with the consequences of having a criminal record for the rest of my life. Mr. DelSignore made me feel otherwise by showing me that my case was possible to win. I was able to reach him quickly and set up an impromptu consultation within hours of my offense. He explained the processes involved, in layman's terms, and informed me of all of my options. The details of my case were as follows: I struck a rock in a parking lot and did not pass a breathalyzer. The police officers claimed that my eyes were glassy, I had an odor of alcohol and that I was unsteady on my feet and had slurred speech. Mr. DelSignore was able to reassure me that my situation was not hopeless and ensured that my case was processed quickly, making the amount of waiting on my end minimal. This was critical for me as I wanted to move on with my life. Throughout the process, I was always able to reach him with questions or concerns via phone or email and he responded promptly every time. He was prepared, confident, and a champion for me in court. I could not recommend Mr. DelSignore enough to someone going through this experience.

April 3, 2019 Category: OUI

“Competent OUI Law Firm”

I hired Mike to represent me in an OUI case. This was my first time ever being involved in the justice system and I had little to no understanding of what to expect. However, he made sure I understood the steps ahead and explained the options available to resolve my case. He knows exactly what he's doing and easily navigated though a complex situation. It was evident to me throughout the process that he has done hundreds of OUI trials in his day. He did an awesome job defending me in court. My family and I are beyond pleased with the not guilty verdict.

March 7, 2019 Category: OUI

“Excellent Lawyer”

I consulted with Attorney DelSignore after being arrested and charged with a criminal offense. His knowledge of the law was exemplary, and he provided excellent advice to me before I even hired him to handle my case. While shopping around for a lawyer, I knew that I wanted someone on my side who was knowledgeable and available to answer my (many) questions. Communication was extremely important to me. He was always prompt, and returned telephone calls both during and outside of normal business hours. He is kind, and genuinely interested in helping his clients overcome this great hardship. I recommend him without hesitation and am forever thankful for the wonderful job he did on my case!

February 24, 2019 Category: OUI

“Amazing Attorney!!”

I was in a car accident and subsequently charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and OUI. I went online and searched for OUI attorneys in Massachusetts the very next morning before my arraignment, and Mike Delsignore's name came up first. After going to his website, I decided to call him. We spoke that very same morning, discussing my case and he advised me what to say at my arraignment. Over the next couple of months both Mike and his associate Julie were in court with me several times. Both of them clearly explained the process and answered all of my questions. On the day of my trial, Mike explained that we could either choose to have a jury trial or a bench trial and we would make that decision together after he spoke to the district attorney. Upon his advice, we went with a bench trial and because of Mike's extensive expertise, especially in cases like mine, I ended up with a not guilty verdict from the judge. I highly recommend him if you find yourself in these unfortunate circumstances.

February 24, 2019 Category: OUI

“A FABULOUS attorney to have on your side!”

I was arrested and charged with OUI. I was nervous about having to appear in court to fight for my innocence. However, Mike DelSignore is a superb attorney who helped my entire family get through the difficult OUI process. His knowledge of the law is outstanding, as is his understanding of the entire legal process. He was empathetic and pragmatic, and his detailed preparation for our court appearances was excellent. His in-court demeanor and style were professional and impressive, and we could not have been more pleased by the end result of Not Guilty. It was evident that he had a great relationship with the District Attorney and the Judges that were in court. This made me feel much better and confident going into trial. I would highly recommend Mike DelSignore.

January 9, 2019 Category: OUI

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