Attorney Michael DelSignore Client Reviews

Before hiring an attorney for your case, it is important to ask about their history with past cases similar to yours. Client reviews are also a great way of evaluating whether or not to hire an attorney.

The Following are reviews from my prior clients. While your case will be different from these particular cases, you can read about my experience on cases that are similar to yours and about what it is like to work with me on a case.

To maintain anonymity of the clients, exact names have not been given.

★★★★★ Trustworthy
★★★★★ Knowledgable
★★★★★ Responsive
★★★★★ Kept me informed

"Mike was very realistic and honest"

I hired Mike for defense in my 2nd OUI case. He was fantastic. I grew up around attorneys, I know how they can be. He always got back to me immediately within 24 hours at the latest. He was very realistic and honest. All around arrest guy... Also super intelligent. Very impressive in court. I will recommend him to all friends and family .

Date: June 19, 2017 Category: Second Offense OUI

"Mike was even able to get my probation terminated early"

Mike is amazing! I unfortunately ended up with a first offense OUI a year ago and was obviously very upset about it. He listened to my concerns and was compassionate. He told me what to expect and he did exactly what he said he was going to do in the court room. I got the best outcome I could have given my circumstances thanks to him. He even was able to get my probation terminated a few weeks early because I had done everything I was supposed to do. Mike is professional, reliable, has expert knowledge, and he is a nice and compassionate person. I would suggest that anyone who has an OUI hire him to represent him/her because he is the best! - Katie

Date: June 10, 2017 Category: First Offense OUI

"Mike was able to expose the Officer's faulty testimony"

Being wrongly accused of a DUI can ruin your life and career. I can testify to the fact that some police officers do lie, intimidate, and get carried away with being in a position of power. I am so glad that I contacted and hired Mike right away to defend me. He stuck by me and listened to every thing I had to say and ultimately was able to expose the reality of this arrest. He eliminated the breathalyzer test with a statewide expose of improper calibration of the Breathalyzer machines that had been recording improper results. When these erroneous readings were eliminated from my case the actual arresting officers story was picked apart to reveal they did not really have any type of real case against me. Mike expertly and methodically picked apart the officers testimony to reveal the officers exaggerated testimony which was inconsistent and false. Mike was able to expertly expose the officers faulty testimony and obtain a not guilty verdict from the judge! I would highly recommend Attorney Delsignore to my friends or family members as he really does care and knows how to take care of business in the courtroom. Thank you again for everything Mike.

Date: June 10, 2017 Category: OUI

"Michael is extremely knowledgeable on OUI"

In May 2016 , I was pulled over, arrested and charged (unfair) with OUI.I researched several lawyers before finding Michael. I contacted him in the late evening and I left him a voice message. He called me right away back and we met the same evening. The entire court process was highly stressful, but Michael was there for me when it mattered most and helped get my life back on track! He did an awesome job! Michael is a great lawyer and he is extremely knowledgeable on the issues concerning OUI in Massachusetts .He is a true professional. If you are currently seeking OUI representation , I would highly recommend Michael Del Signore!!!- Dorin

Date: June 7, 2017 Category: OUI

"Michael communicated with me throughout the process"

Michael was excellent! Communicated with me throughout the entire trial process, giving me a lot of confidence during the whole ordeal. He was knowledgeable and confident and most important he was successful! - Chris

Date: June 6, 2017 Category: OUI

"He took the time to get to know who my brother is, not just the case"

Mr Delsignore defended my brother in court for a DUI charge, in front of a jury. Mr Delsignore took the time to meet with my brother and know who he is, know the person, not only the case. He also recommended a great expert who definitely helped my brother's case in court. Most important: Mr. Delsignore delivered exceptionally strong statements in court (both his opening and closing statements),focusing on real life events, on the human side of both the defendant and the jurors. We would recommend Mr DelSignore to all our friends and family.- Ana

Date: May 31, 2017 Category: OUI

"…he gave me the chance to introduce myself to the judge"

Last summer I got a charge for 2nd DUI in Newton, Massachusetts. 3 other lawyers I met with told me "It's very tough case to win". Mike told me that it's good case and I have high chance to win the case. Michael contacted me a week before the trial date and gave lots of suggestions about the way to answer the questions, which made me very confident. Michael is very detailed and smart. When we were in the court while waiting to be called, Michael walked around jury room to see what kind of people will be my jury and try to make decision either jury trial or judge trial. Few minutes later, he told me that we should go for judge trial instead of jury trial.

During trial, Michael asked the officer a lots of question which not on the police report, and the policy officer can't answer the questions because he couldn't remember all the details. During my testimony, Michael ask me some question which not related to the case and gave me a chance to introduce myself to judge and get good impression from her. The court found me not guilty!

Date: May 25, 2017 Category: Second Offense OUI

"Outstanding work by the DelSignore team"

We reached out to Michael to help us with a first time offense. Michael immediately met with us, asked details about the event and described all possible scenarios. We hired Michael and he connected us to Julie on his team (this originally was not conveyed to us - we were expecting to work with Michael. He should let his future clients know that this is an option). That being said, we cannot say enough about Julie. She was outstanding to work with, keeping in constant contact and taking time to make sure we understood the process. She was able to resolve the case on several fronts. We cannot thank her enough.

Date: May 13, 2017 Category: First Offense OUI

"I went from 5 years with an ignition interlock device to 2 years"

After being charged with my 2nd DUI, I really thought I was in BIG trouble. After extensive online research, I found Mike and could not be happier. First he managed to vacate my 3yr chemical test refusal, which immediately restored my active license. When I finally took the Cahill disposition, he also managed to get the Negligent Operation Continued without a finding. I went from 5yrs with an ignition interlock device to 2 yrs. Mike is an organized, articulate, top notch defense lawyer. If you are in the midst of a DUI nightmare, look no further than Michael Delsignore, he is simply the BEST!!!- Tom

Date: May 10, 2017 Category: Second Offense OUI

"Mike worked hard for 4 years to get me the great result"

I was charged with a DUI 4 years ago and as of yesterday I am not guilty. Michael DelSignore worked hard for 4 years to get me the great result. He was always easily available to answer questions throughout. The reason it took 4 years was I had failed a breathalyzer during the arrest. He was able to get the breathalyzer knocked out which was a huge help in getting the good trial result.

Michael DelSignore is pleasant and extremely knowledgeable in the area of DUI defense. At first I was hesitant to try and fight the case, as I had failed the breathalyzer, but if you find yourself in the same situation DEFINITELY call him for at least a consultation. During the consultation he laid out reasons why I could win and convinced me to give him a chance and I am so glad I did or else I would be sitting here guilty of a DUI instead of writing this glowing review. Call Michael DelSignore if you get yourself in a DUI situation, you will be glad you did. - Joe

Date: May 10, 2017 Category: OUI

"Justice Prevailed!"

Michael DelSignore represent me in a bench trial for an OUI. His execution was flawless. He really study the case to the last detail. The way he presented the case ended in a Judge that didn't hesitate (not even for a second) to give a Not Guilty verdict. This was the only outcome that could come out of this case and Michael executed it perfectly. As I say in the title justice prevailed. I want to thank and congratulate Michael for his excellent job !!! - Pilar

Date: May 8, 2017 Category: OUI

"He always returns the call as soon as possible"

I have only had a lawyer wants but if I need one again it will Mike. I would definitely recommend him to anybody who needs a knowledgeable DUI/OUI lawyer. He kept me updated throughout every step of the process. He explained everything to me in a understandable manor. He always return the call as soon as possible. And he was flexible with payments. - Joe R.

Date: April 28, 2017 Category: OUI

"He did a great job minimizing repercussion on my son's future"

Mr DelSignore was of great assistance while dealing with the charges on my son, he did a great job minimizing repercussion on his future with a not guilty finding when a not guilty finding didn't seem possible. We are also grateful for him pushing things through the system as quickly as possible. - Danielle

Date: April 27, 2017 Category: OUI

"Mike guided me through the whole process"

Michael Delsignore represented me on an OUI case out of Boston. He showed his knowledge regarding OUI and DWI defense law. Any questions I had were answered and Michael was very easy to reach if I had any questions. Michael guided me through the whole process from start to finish - Antonio

Date: April 17, 2017 Category: OUI

"..his professionalism helped render a NOT GUILTY verdict"

Mr. Delsignore represented my son on an OUI case out of the Boston Municipal Court. His in depth experience and knowledge regarding OUI and DWI defense law was evident in his representation of our case and with our initial consultation with him. He was very forthcoming explaining the law and guiding us through this very stressful process. Mr. Delsignore's professionalism defending this case helped render a "Not Guilty" verdict defending the evidence. - Audrey

Date: April 12, 2017 Category: OUI

"I failed a sobriety test and breathalyzer test on a second offense"

In May of 2016, I was charged with OUI/DUI. I was charged by a Northborough Policeman of a second offence. I Failed a sobriety test as well as breathalyzer test. I was advised to hire a lawyer by the judge because it's a serious charge. I googled and found Michael based on the good review ratings, and also the convenient location, being close to my court location in Westborough, MA.

Michael continually postponed the trial date for various reasons, and he had many clients at the court besides me to take care of. I did not feel good that I was not getting enough attention for my case. Well, it's been almost a year later now in Apr of 2017. It's finally the trial day in front of the judge. I thought I had certainly wasted my time and money, hiring him to represent me, but not on this date! He had no other clients but me, to focus and concentrate on my case. He gave such a powerful performance. The statements and questions to the accusing officer and the judge, there was no question, I was going to win. And guess what? I've got a judgement of "NOT GUILTY OF OUI" WOW! I hugged him and thanked him. No wonder he has high ratings and reviews. You won't be disappointed! - Chan

Date: April 7, 2017 Category: Second Offense OUI

"..the entire process can be stressful, Michael helped get my life back on track"

In 2016, I was pulled over, arrested, and charged with OUI in Massachusetts. After my arraignment, I researched several attorneys before finding Michael DelSignore. Despite contacting him in the evening, he responded right away and reviewed my police report. We then set up a consultation appointment to meet a few days later. Michael answered all my questions in detail and was able to clearly explain the pros & cons of what proved to be a very complicated process. At this time I hired Michael as my attorney to bring my case to trial.

Over the next several months I worked with Attorney Julie Gaudreau. She attended my RMV appeal and early court appearances. She answered any questions I had about the process and was very accessible. A motion date was scheduled to suppress evidence and statements that were in the police report. Michael appeared at this court appearance and successfully suppressed evidence and obtained testimonies from the arresting officers under oath.

Close to a year after my arrest the trial date was scheduled. On the date of the trial, Michael recommended that I waive my right to a jury and go with a bench trial. During the trial, he cross examined the officers and played a booking video for the judge. The officer's statements and video suggested conflict with the original police report, noting the performance of someone not exhibiting the symptoms of alcohol intoxication. The judge ruled in our favor and stated the prosecution did not have enough evidence to prove the OUI charge.

While the entire process can be highly stressful, Michael was there for me when it mattered most and helped get my life back on track. If you are currently seeking OUI representation, I cannot recommend the services of Julie and Michael highly enough.

Date: March 23, 2017 Category: OUI

"He won my DUI accident case and all charges NOT GUILTY"

I got into a dui and a accident with my car and had a cdl license so i looked up lawyers and seen mike's name, read reviews and called- instantly he called me back ..I did talk to other lawyers who were also highly rated but after talking to mike something told me he's my guy. After 2 months mike got my driver's license back and said we have to wait on cdl so i trusted him .After a year and half he won my case and got accident off and all charges not guilty ..Then had to deal with rmv to get my cdl back again mike helped me and i got it reinstated because this man is best there is and well prepared he is a god sent to me and my family and am entirely grateful for his work on my case …

Date: February 15, 2017 Category: DUI ACCIDENT/CDL LICENSE

"The jury came back with a NOT GUILTY verdict in 10 minutes"

Going through the process of an OUI can be extremely stressful. I was stopped at an OUI checkpoint in Everett and the next week consisted of researching all of the OUI defense lawyers and spending hours trying to find the right one. When I originally spoke with mike he did not try to oversell, unlike many others I spoke with. Throughout the months leading to my trial he guided and advised me the entire way and was there whenever I had a question.

The day of my trial, mike used his knowledge and experience in the district I was arrested in to decide a jury vs. a bench trial, which we decided on a jury with his experience with the judge that was on bench that day. From the beginning of trial to his closing argument, mike owned the courtroom.

Before the trial began, mike argued to suppress two key parts of the police report which the judge sided with mike and not the DA and suppressed both. Through mike's cross examination with the arresting officers, mike skillfully threw doubt throughout the entire commonwealth's case. Through his cross examination he even made one of the officers admit to the jury that I did well on my field sobriety! From start to finish, I truly never felt unconfident nor that I would lose with mike once I saw him go to work at trial. The jury came back with a Not Guilty verdict in under about 10 minutes. If you have just got an OUI and are going through the process of endless hours of researching the right defense attorney that will advise you and get you the best results possible, call mike.

Date: January 30, 2017 Category: OUI roadblock

"The best christmas gift this year"

I selected Michael out of 2 dozen attorneys that I researched meticulously online. When I contacted Michael, he responded immediately and I met with him shortly thereafter. From the moment I met him in person, he was polite, professional and accommodating. From there on he was all over my case. His one on one advice was instrumental in the final outcome. He spent an extended amount of time with me, reviewing my case, point by point. I was more than impressed to watch him display his exceptional talent as of lawyer before the judge. It was the best Christmas gift I received this year. - Client X

Date: January 4, 2017 Category: OUI

“Mike gave me options and what to consider PRIOR to billing”

I needed guidance and representation following my first and only arrest. I was arrested on OUI and spoke with Mr. DelSignore the following day. Mike explained how the pro- cess would work, and even gave me some options on what to consider prior to billing me a nickel. After speaking on the telephone, we set up a meeting and Mike reviewed the specifics of my case. I felt immensely better after listening to him share some of his expertise with me. I was able to regain my license after a short period even though I refused the breathalyzer test. This isn’t a common occurrence, but DelSignore Law was able to get it done. From that point on I was able to get my life back in order as we awaited the legal process. Mike was thorough in his research of my case, understands the inner workings of the district court incredibly well, and provided top notch service and guidance for me. I was found not guilty at trial thanks to Mike’s hard work. I would recommend Mr. DelSignore if you wind up in the unfortunate need for his OUI represen- tation services. - Client X

Date: December 21, 2016Category: First Offense OUI Charge

"Mike was affordable and the most experienced in our area"

I hired Michael to help my son with a DUI charge he received after a night out at a college. It was the smartest thing we could have done. Michael was not only affordable to my budget but in my opinion he is the most experienced attorney in our area for that type of court case. In our consultation with Michael I quickly learned that he knows more about DUI and DWI then any of the other attorneys We had spoken with. Today my son Had his trial and was found not guilty and we have Michael and his staff to thank. - Client X

Date: December 15, 2016Category: First Offense OUI Charge

"I was confused and due in court in 2 days"

I hired Mike to represent me on an OUI charge. It was the first time I had ever been arrested and contacted Mike within hours of being released from jail. He returned my phone call promptly and was so reassuring and nice. I was confused, did not understand anything that had gone on, and was due in court in 2 days. Mike fully explained every- thing that would happen that first court date, what I should expect, and what evidence I needed to help collect for him for the my case. He made me feel so much better after that first phone call. I felt calmer and more in control of this situation. Plus I had the confidence that Mike was going to be able to help and prove my innocence. While my case dragged on for a while, no stone was left unturned. Every resource and piece of evidence was utilized to ensure my case was the strongest it could be. In the end, the judge agreed. It was a sheer pleasure working with Mike and his team. If you are seek- ing representation for an OUI and you are scared, confused, not sure what to do, Mike is the lawyer you want to call. You will find no better attorney to defend you! I am eternally grateful for all your team’s hard work!

Date: November 19, 2016Category:First Offense OUI

"He explained everything- the good, bad AND ugly"

After being charged with an OUI in MA, we reached out to Mr. DelSignore. It was a weekday at 7:30 and he wanted to meet with us right away.This made me feel confident right from the start that he was the lawyer we were looking for. Mr. DelSignore explained everything I needed to know. Good, bad and ugly. He even explained somethings more than once. Not being a lawyer and in a state of panic through this process,he was kind and patient. Mr.DelSignore is a wonderful man and lawyer. Worth ever penny. ! - Sarah G.

Date: September 28, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“He was extremely knowledgeable on DWI laws in MA”

Michael was an amazing attorney. He is extremely knowledgeable about DWI laws in Massachusetts, and was able to get a verdict of not guilty on all the charges in my case. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone who has been charged with an OUI. - Client X

Date: August 19, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“Better call Mike- he is a saviour!”

I was charged & arrested under the suspicion of OUI after a Car accident on the side of a public way (no one was hurt or injured except the car itself :). Also I am not a native english speaker.I was searching online for an attorney with good reviews and i found Mr. Michael A. Delsignore and i approached him. He was very hospitable, polite and looked very well informed about ABC of OUI cases and its probable outcomes.

Mike helped me out in each and every stage of the court processes and he guided me very well through out the process. He was patient and very practical in suggesting or advising on any questions I had with out setting false expectations. He always presented me the Options I have and he advised about what would be the better option to choose.I always trusted Mike from the beginning and let him choose the options since he is a vet- eran in these cases. So,we finally took the case to trail after an 15 months :) and he was well aware about the Judge and the court staff. So we went with the bench trail with the Judge and that’s when I have seen completely a different person in Mike

He shifted the gears and transformed into totally a very adroit defense attorney,where every objection/points he was raising was making the judge think otherwise about the charges. He raised his voice at the right times with an appropriate amount of aggression and skillful representation of the facts. he focused like a student while the testimony was going on and came out with striking defense points that made us the win the case and in this case ‘Not Guilty’. I will recommend Mike to any of my friends or acquaintanc- es without any doubt. - Client X

Date: August 11, 2016Category: First Offense OUI, OUI accident

“Mike got everything removed in a pre-trial dismissal”

I’m so glad I found Mike online. I was in the midst of a sticky situation -- I’d been charged with an OUI, but had been under the legal limit and was unsure of why I was even being charged in the first place, and wanted to get rid of it all ASAP. Mike was incredibly helpful and creative in finding a solution, and figured out a way to get everything removed in

a pre-trial dismissal. This ensured that we never incurred the risk of courtrooms and temperamental judges. I couldn’t recommend Mike any higher! - John D.

Date: July 12, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“I was stopped at an OUI Roadblock”

Michael knew his stuff! I was stopped at an OUI roadblock and arrested 1st offense. Not sure what to do next and I was searching on line and saw Michael and the good reviews and decided to give him a call. He called me right back and I went to see him the next day and I felt right about hiring him for my case. He got the mandatory 6 month license suspension reduced to 2 1/2 months which lifted a huge burden off of me getting to work each day. It took almost 20 months but Michael was patient and knew what he wanted to do to get the best result which was a not guilty verdict. He was the best and if you unfortunately get into a situation like mine hire Michael you won`t be disappointed. - Client X

Date: June 6, 2016Category: First Offense OUI, OUI Roadblock

“He was able to get charges completely dropped”

Michael DelSignore was a treasure to find. He was professional and knowledgeable about all of the proceedings and knew what step to take next. He spoke with the DA and judge and was able to get all of the charges completely dropped before an arraignment took place. He also took time throughout each step to speak with us and update us on anything we needed to do. He treated our son with the utmost respect and we will be forever grateful for all of his help. We highly recommend his services. - Amy

Date: June 6, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“Mike worked hard to learn all the facts for the case”

Mike worked hard to learn all of the facts for the case and was prepared for all the court dates. He kept me informed throughout the whole process. He accompanied me to the site where the arrest took place. Mike is one of the best DUI lawyers in the state!
- Client X

Date: May 15, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“His knowledge is essential during questioning”

In the summer of 2015, I was on my way home from a Fenway concert and found myself being pulled over by a small town police department. Although I admit I was tired from a long day and had a couple beers earlier in the night, I was arrested for
OUI and driving negligently after the police officer felt I failed the field sobriety test. I opted to take the breath test which was 0.082, just over the legal limit and was then booked. Devastated as I did not believe I was impaired to drive, I started to research legal council. I found Michael online and was the 1st number I called based off the reviews I have read. I was released from jail on Saturday morning and called Mike that afternoon in which he agreed to meet me to discuss my case which impressed me. He was successful in getting the breathalyzer evidence thrown out as he obtained video to show the officers did not monitor me effectively. While at jury trial, Michael did a great job questioning the witness (officer) and challenging the DA’s questions to have many of them dismissed. His knowledge of the law and expertise on DUI was essential during questioning and closing statements. The verdict of not guilty for both counts from the jury was a huge relief and life changing moment. On that summer night in 2015, I may have made some poor decisions but the best decision was calling attorney Michael DelSignore. I would highly recommend Michael for your OUI encounters. - Client X

Date: April 14, 2016Category: OUI Charge, Failed FST

“I admit I was worried for a while...”

I admit I was worried for a while because my case was dragged out for nearly a year and a half at no fault of my attorney Michael DelSignore. When my case finally went to trial, Michael stepped up his game. Two of my charges were dismissed and a jury found me not guilty of OUI. Michael presented the case to the jury in such a way that it would have been nearly impossible to convict me. All around excellent job. - Client X

Date: March 26, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“...He doesn’t oversell, which may seem scary...”

Mike doesn’t oversell which initially may seem scary... But he helps explain very clearly what to expect, and thankfully he was accurate in all his predictions:) got case dismissed. - Client X

Date: March 15, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“Michael DelSignore saved my future”

I had been arrested for my first DUI in May of 2015. As a college student and full time worker I was crushed by the impact this mistake could have on my future. I spent hours debating whether or not hiring a REAL lawyer was the right decision. Thank god I did and thank god I found Michael. He was not fazed by my young age and was incredibly flexible with the hiring procedure. I immediately felt like he was listening intently to

my situation and he clearly knew what he was doing from the start. The entire process lasted 3 court visits and a total of 9 months. Mr. DelSignore was available and informa- tive throughout every moment of that VERY unsettling period. He checked in with me before every upcoming date and was always prompt with responses if I had any worries or questions. Every step of the way was clarified and explained which made the waiting period that much more bearable. My final court date was yesterday and I could not be more pleased with Michael’s preparation and execution. He discussed my case with the DA and ultimately was able to negotiate a plea agreement which knocked off my DUI account in place of a minor Negligent Driving account. He asked me if I would agree to this plea agreement and we both agreed that it was the best case scenario. I was so relieved and thankful that he worked so hard to get this outcome. Not only that but he came to court fully prepared for a jury trial. He came with slide decks, presentations, and enough of a case to make any DA intimidated. Even though all of this preparation was unnecessary with the plea agreement, he never took any short cuts in helping me and that showed through enormously. If you are in a bad position because of a mistake you made, Michael DelSignore is absolutely the man for you. He truly went above and be- yond to help fix my own stupid mistake and I owe him a great deal for saving my repu- tation and future. I hope those of you who find yourself in a similar situation will feel a sense of relief knowing there is a lawyer out there who truly cares about your issue and who will work to the best of his ability to help ensure the best case scenario.

Thank you Michael, I truly do not want to know where I’d be without you. - Ariana

Date: March 9, 2016Category: First Offense OUI

“...his thorough questions produced a not guilty verdict”

I hired Michael to navigate me through the process of an OUI arrest, and Mike’s knowl- edge of not only the legal system and local judges, and the correct police procedures officers should follow, Mike was not only able to get my license back before the manda- tory suspension, but, when my case went to trail, Mike’s research and thorough ques- tioning of the arresting officer produced a not guilty verdict. Hiring Mike will give any- body their best shot at getting a favorable verdict. - Client.

Date: February 20, 2016Category: OUI Charge

“the P.O. testifying against me was friendly with the judge”

I was so lucky to be represented by Attorney Delsignore. My wife and I have the means to hire any attorney. We found him on line, because I was embarrassed to get a refer-
ral from other attorneys who we know through our work. Mike’s analysis, process, and execution in the court room were all flawless. I was in a difficult situation, and when I realized that the lying policeman testifying against me was friendly with the judge, I re- alized I was going to be found guilty. I almost wanted to plea out to save everyone time. Mike pulled a rabbit out of a hat, and justice prevailed. I still can’t believe how carefully he crafted his recommendations. His cross examination was so impressive. Let me also say that we make most of our living by representing people. My wife and I were amazed by Mike’s expertise and loyalty. Anyone would be so lucky to be represented by Mike. I have only made one other on line recommendation over the years. Call him today. There is no need to talk to any one else.

Sincerely, - M.

Date: January 30, 2016Category: N/A

“He got my Shoplifting case dismissed”

I had Michael for my attorney regarding a shoplifting case. He was great help to me and got the case dismissed. He was very helpful and answered all of my questions promptly and always returned my calls. I would definitely recommend Michael as an attorney! - Olivia.

Date: January 27, 2016Category: Criminal Defense