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Before hiring an attorney for your case, it is important to ask about their history with past cases similar to yours. Client reviews are also a great way of evaluating whether or not to hire an attorney.

The Following are reviews from my prior clients. While your case will be different from these particular cases, you can read about my experience on cases that are similar to yours and about what it is like to work with me on a case.

To maintain anonymity of the clients, exact names have not been given.

★★★★★ Trustworthy
★★★★★ Knowledgable
★★★★★ Responsive
★★★★★ Kept me informed


I met with Attorney DelSignore after reading reviews of him online; I though he was professional and genuine, and to no surprise, he was extremely reliable throughout my entire case. Whenever I had a question, he would make it a priority to get back to me, and he always kept me up to date with what was going on in the court process. He makes a great effort to remind you about your court dates and explain to you what to expect.

My case went to trial and it was impressive to see how skilled he is in the courtroom; we ended up winning my case as I was found not guilty. I am so grateful to Michael. I would recommend him to all of my family and friends who may need a criminal defense lawyer in the future.

December 19, 2017 Category: OUI

“Not Guilty after trial in the Concord District Court!”

After being arrested and charged with OUI and negligent operation, and after an extensive search online and talking to several attorneys, I decided to hire Attorney DelSignore. He was able to get the prosecution to agree to a continuance without a finding on the negligent operation charge, and he advised me to elect a bench trial. The prosecution presented 2 witnesses whom said I was swerving while driving, had bloodshot/glassy eyes, and had an emanating odor of alcohol. The police officer also stated that I was unsteady on my feet.

Attorney DelSignore began his cross examination; his skills in relation to his ability to effectively cross examine the officers were impressive. He offered alternatives to the prosecutions version of the events that day creating which ultimately created reasonable doubt. I was ultimately found not guilty; hire Attorney DelSignore, you will not regret it.

December 17, 2017 Category: OUI

“Success !!”

After reading a significant amount of positive reviews online, consulting with him in his Stoughton office, and learning about our legal options, we decided to hire Attorney DelSignore to represent my son who was facing an OUI charge. I have to say it was the best decision we could have made.

Attorney DelSignore is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled in the court room; he was masterful at creating reasonable doubt in the case and kept me informed through the entire court process. Attorney DelSignore came well prepared for trial and destroyed much of the officer’s testimony. I would highly recommend Attorney DelSignore for anyone facing criminal charges.

December 11, 2014 Category: OUI

“Family Oriented Lawyer Does What He Does Best”

I hired Mike DelSignore after being arrested and charged with an OUI; Mike did what he does best, and the jury found me not guilty. Mike made an effort to attack the credibility of the prosecution’s case and made it clear to the jury that there was a lack of evidence against me.

Mike not only did his job, but he made sure to understand my story, and made an effort to get to know me and my family personally. It is very evident Mike is a very family oriented man, and he strives to get to know his clients to ensure that he does the best possible job.

November 15, 2017 Category: OUI

“Excellent experience and results”

We hired Mike to defend our son on an OUI charge. It was our first experience in this daunting process, but Mike broke it down for us and showed genuine care and compassion towards us. During his cross examination of the arresting officer, Mike knew the field testing manual inside and out and easily showed that the "trained" officer didn't know the specifics of the tests like he should have. To me, this was where Mike shined.

Through his direct questioning of the officer, he was able to cast enough doubt on the subjectivity of the tests and the ability of the officer to make a determination that the jury found my son not guilty on the OUI charge ☺ Mike is an expert in this field and was well worth the money we spent having him defend our son; he was an excellent choice for us as he knows the rules and processes involved in OUI cases. Highly recommended.

November 14, 2017 Category: OUI

“Outstanding legal representation”

My son required an attorney to represent him at a jury trial after being charged with OUI. After much research, we hired Attorney Michael DelSignore; he had many wonderful reviews online, was professional, and competent. His trial skills were very impressive to say the least. He was prepared and skillful throughout the entire process. My son was acquitted on the OUI charge he was facing because of Michael DelSignore’s efforts. We both highly recommend him and would do so to our family and friends.

November 10, 2017 Category: OUI


Being charged with a DUI was my first interaction with the law. I was confused and scared not knowing what the outcome would be and not understanding how the court process works. Attorney Delsignore took it on himself to explain the charges I was facing and the law. My case took 3 years and 5 months and several trips to the court house- all for a flat fee. I have never seen a professional so dedicated about result for his clients; Attorney Delsignore took his time to dispute my breath test results while there was ongoing concern in the state regarding the use of these machines. All of these efforts by Attorney DelSignore increased my chance of winning and I am happy to say I was found, rightfully so, not guilty.

Thank you very much attorney Delsignore!

October 26, 2017 Category: OUI

“Hire Mike!”

Mike is an incredibly personable and very responsive lawyer. He understood the facts of my case, researched what laws were applicable at the time, and assured me he was doing everything he could to move things forward in a direction that would benefit me. Attorney DelSignore made every effort possible to answer all of the questions I had along the way and made me feel confident and comfortable in his approach. If you have a legal issue, you need to hire Mike. If I ever need a criminal defense lawyer in the future I would hire him in a heartbeat, and would recommend him to any family and friends that are dealing with a legal issue.

October 21, 2017 Category: OUI

“Good outcome on my case”

After being arrested and charged with OUI, negligent operation, and driving without headlights, I consulted with many lawyers who told me that because I refused the breath test I would have a hard time winning my case in court. Attorney DelSignore reassured me that I actually had a strong case that was very winnable. Attorney DelSignore worked to have my license reinstated just a few days after the incident. He was also able to suppress any incriminating evidence to make my case stronger. My case prolonged for about a year, but the outcome of it was overall pretty good; he was able to prove inconsistencies, lack of properly applied protocol, and improper techniques used by the police at the time of my arrest.

When my trial finally came, I was righteously found not guilty of OUI, found not responsible on the charge of no lights, and was given a continuance without a finding on the negligent operation charge (which I believe is a common remedy). The end result of my case was a $250 dollar fine and probation for a year with a $50 monthly probation fee. No loss of drivers’ license, no need for classes, and the best part is I was found not guilty on the dreaded OUI charge- thank you DelSignore Law!

October 19, 2017 Category: OUI

“Excellent results”

We were in a bind and needed a lawyer quickly after my son was arrested; Attorney DelSignore was quick to respond, followed up exactly as he said he would, and in the end, the results were better than we could have hoped for. He was strategic in his thinking which drove the success we had and it was clear he had years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone in the same uncomfortable position.

October 19, 2017 Category: OUI

“Mike and Julie were always available to answer any questions”

Michael DelSignore did an amazing job with my case! Either him or his partner Julie was always available to answer any questions I had and helped walked me through the entire process. I could not have done it without them! I highly recommend choosing this law firm to deal with your legal needs, you will not be dissatisfied. - Ashley

October 4, 2017 Category: OUI

“Mike fought for me every step of the way to my Not Guilty Verdict”

I hired Mr. DelSignore after i was arrested for an OUI in the summer of 2015. This was the first time i had any dealing with the law so I was extremely nervous about what to expect. Mr. DelSignore was very polite and easy to talk to. He walked me through all of the steps and what i should expect, the various options i had moving forward. He was confident that I would be able to fight this in court and win, so i decided to proceed with a trial. Mr DelSignore fought for me every step of the way. Shortly after my arrest the breath tests in Massachusetts came under scrutiny. Mr. DelSignore was on top of this the whole time. The initial ruling came down that my test was not going to be one of the tests to be thrown out but luckily my test was found to be potentially faulty later on and was able to get it thrown out. Prior to appearing in court for my trial Mr. DelSignore provided me with a "cheat sheet", if you will, detailing what to expect at the trial, how to sit and react to testimonies. He also called me several times to go over the case and answer any questions I had. On the day of the trial, Mr. DelSignore was there with me all day. He was extremely well prepared and recommended that I go with a bench trial since we were assigned a Judge who was somewhat lenient to the defendant. Mr. DelSignore was very effective in his cross-examination of the police officer who was called on as a witness. Since my breath test was thrown out the only evidence for conviction was a couple stumbles (not falls) during the heel to toe test and some minor difficulty with the Alphabet test. He was able to ask the officer questions that lessened the prosecutions case and led the judge to a "Not Guilty" decision. Overall i was very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend Attorney DelSignore to anyone looking for a OUI defense lawyer in Massachusetts. - Ben

October 3, 2017 Category: First Offense OUI

Client Reviews
Michael was very professional and explained the process clearly and told us to be patient. After one year the charges got dismissed in the trial. Excellent knowledge of the court systems in the area of Boston. Would highly recommend him
A careless decision on my part left me facing charges which would have severely hampered my ability to stay employed and support myself. But attorney DelSignore's skillful analysis and challenging of the evidence against me resulted in a conviction on a lesser charge. Now I'll be able to go on with my life, having learned a lesson I'll never forget. Thank you, Michael. Scott
Mike stuck with my case for 3.5 years and always kept me informed regarding the status. Ultimately, because of his due diligence, we ended up with an OUI not guilty verdict. This case could have gone many ways but his thorough review of the case and exceptional preparedness for trial ultimately drove a positive outcome. Thank you Mike! David
Michael DelSignore did an amazing job with my case! Either him or his partner Julie was always available to answer any questions I had and helped walked me through the entire process. I could not have done it without them! I highly recommend choosing this law firm to deal with your legal needs, you will not be dissatisfied. Ashley
I cannot express the gratitude towards both Michael and Julie for their amazing work and help. It was a very stressful event and they certainly put me at as much ease as possible. From start to finish it took 14 months and all the way through they were both very engaged with me. Today was worth the wait, Michael was great in court and I was rightfully found not guilty. I would recommend Michael and Julie over and over again. Claire
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