OUI RoadBlock Arrests

Before speaking to a lawyer, download my free book, “Special Report Defenses To Massachusetts OUI Roadblock Arrests”. In this book, you will learn that many OUI charges resulting from Roadblocks are winnable.

In this book I highlight the Constitutional challenges that the State of Massachusetts faces in prosecuting OUIs resulting from roadblocks:

“The police are required by Massachusetts DUI law and specifically the case of Commonwealth v. McGeoghegan, 389 Mass. 137 (1983) to set up the roadblock according to a plan set forth by the Massachusetts State Police. This plan details numerous components including site selection. The state police plan must specify how and why the police decided to conduct a roadblock at this particular area.”

Also highlighted in this book are common sense and practical challenges to demonstrate a motorist’s sobriety:

“First, there is no evidence of erratic driving, generally. Because a motorist drives normally into the roadblock area in most cases, the government does not have a strong piece of evidence of erratic unsafe driving which shows that the motorists ability to operate a motor vehicle is impaired… in most cases a motorist is allowed to drive into the screening area. This shows… that the officer did not believe that the motorist was so impaired that the motorist could not continue to drive safety into a roadblock area where other civilians and police officer’s safety may be at jeopardy.”

In Massachusetts OUI Roadblock cases, it is important to understand the law and to hire a lawyer to defend your case. Get your free book now to begin the process of moving forward with your life and obtaining an acquittal on your charge.

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