DUI in Massachusetts with Connecticut License

A Massachusetts OUI charge for an individual with a Connecticut license can have serious license consequences in Connecticut and requires an attorney who understands the license implications in both States. The reason is that if you face a suspension in Massachusetts your license may be suspended in Connecticut as a result of a conviction.

The Connecticut DMV can suspend your license based on a DUI conviction in Massachusetts.

Consequences of a Massachusetts OUI on a Connecticut License

When you are suspended in Massachusetts or another state, Connecticut law allows the Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend your license as if the offense happened in Connecticut. The idea is that a suspension in one state should trigger a suspension in your home state.

The terminology between how DUI cases in Connecticut and Massachusetts are resolved are substantially different. A first offense DUI offense in Connecticut is often resolved with the Diversionary Program which is technically not a drunk driving conviction. However, if Massachusetts finds out about this entry into a Diversionary Program, the Registry of Motor Vehicles has been treating this as a conviction for purposes of license suspensions in Massachusetts. This is the subject of much litigation and can be challenged through an appeal with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Board of Appeals.

Additionally, Connecticut has a one year license loss for a first offense DUI. In Massachusetts the typical first offense license suspension is 45 days with the requirement that you enter into an alcohol education program. Accordingly if Connecticut treats its Massachusetts continuance without a finding as a conviction, you could incur a one year license loss in Connecticut. You will then have to speak to a Connecticut drunk driving attorney about your ability to obtain a hardship or work license.

Important Points to Consider

There are a few questions that you should make sure you understand when you are charged with a DUI in Massachusetts with a Connecticut license.

First, how will Massachusetts treat any prior convictions or entry into alcohol programs in determining any license suspension?

Second, what would be the likely impact on my license in Connecticut if I am convicted in Massachusetts? Once you have an understanding of the answers to these questions you can make an intelligent decision as to whether you wish to elect a trial or attempt to resolve the case through a plea agreement.

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