Appropriate Dress For Court In Massachusetts

It is important to dress properly for court as the judge will immediately form an impression of you based on your appearance. Proper dress shows respect for the court system. You should never wear shorts to court as in most courts you will be forced to go home for a change of clothing. You should avoid jeans, t-shirts and work clothing as well. You should dress for court as if you are going for a job interview, to a formal family dinner or to a religious ceremony.

If you are arrested over the weekend and summons to court for Monday, generally you may have to wait for your case to be called as the court typically does not have the paper work for the weekend arraignments immediately at 9:00 am.

You should leave your cell phone in your car as only attorneys and court employees are allowed to have cell phones in the court.

Be Respectful to the judge and address the judge as your honor and answer any questions with either a yes or no your honor.

Do not talk or fool around in court as the judge may see your behavior in the court room even before you appear before the judge. Sit patiently while waiting for your case to be called. Do not sit with your arm around a person you are with as it will anger some judges and be viewed as a sign of disrespect for the court system.

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