Massachusetts OUI Child Endangerment

Under Massachusetts DUI law, if you are charged with drunk driving, and also have a child under 14 in your vehicle, you will also be charged with operating under the influence child endangerment, under Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws, Chapter 90 Section 24V. The child endangerment law was part of the amendments to Massachusetts OUI laws known as Melanie’s Law.

The Child Endangerment law carries a maximum sentence of 2 1/2 years in the house of correction, it would require a judge to impose a 90 day minimum jail sentence; however, the law would allow that sentence to be suspended, meaning that the statute does not require mandatory jail time. A child endangerment charge cannot be Continued Without a Finding; however, in many cases, a district attorney will agree to dismiss the Child Endangerment charge in exchange for a plea on the underlying OUI offense.

Additionally, the Massachusetts Child endangerment charge also carries with it a one-year license loss. To prove a child endangerment charge Commonwealth would have to show that the child in the car was under the age of 14 and also obtain a conviction against you for operating under the influence of alcohol.

Summary of the potential penalties for OUI Child Endangerment:

  • One year license loss
  • Misdemeanor criminal conviction for 1st offense
  • Guilty finding must be imposed as a CWOF is not authorized by the law

The district attorney may agree to dismiss an OUI child endangerment charge in exchange for a plea on the underlying OUI offense. A conviction on the child endangerment charge would result in a one year loss of license and while jail time is typically not imposed in a standard first offense when a child is involved is more difficult to predict what sentence a judge would give after trial.

Defense Strategies in defending a Child Endangerment charge:

  • Negotiate a dismissal of the child endangerment charge in an exchange for a plea on the OUI offense;
  • Obtain a not guilty verdict on the underlying OUI offense.

Given the severe consequences of an OUI child endangerment charge, it is important to have a strong defense at trial and skillful Massachusetts DUI lawyer to confront any OUI child endangerment charges Massachusetts.

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