Motor Vehicle Offenses

A Massachusetts motor vehicle offense includes any criminal charge involving the use of a motor vehicle as well as any civil traffic violation.

It is important to understand, any criminal motor vehicle offense could result in a license loss in one of two ways:

  • Based on the sentence to the underlying motor vehicle charge;
  • Based on your overall driving record.

Massachusetts Criminal Motor Vehicle Offenses involving the following charges:

All criminal charges involving a motor vehicle should be taken extremely seriously given that any criminal motor vehicle offense carries with it the potential for a loss of license.

  • If you have convicting of prior criminal motor vehicle offenses or found responsible by the court, your motor vehicle criminal charge or civil infraction could trigger further action by the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. Any criminal motor vehicle offense can result in a license suspension by the Massachusetts RMV. Accordingly, it is important to hire an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer to protect your driving privileges and criminal record.
  • The Massachusetts RMV generally will not suspend your license if the charge is resolved with a CWOF or with any lesser disposition like pretrial probation or a conditional dismissal. A guilty finding on a criminal motor vehicle offense will almost always result in a license suspension for the period provided by Massachusetts law.

As a result of a multiple traffic infractions, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles can suspend your license.

  • What is a habitual traffic offender?

A habitual traffic offender is any individual that is convicted of three criminal motor vehicle offense in a five year period or incurs 12 Surchargeable events within a five year period. The license loss for a habitual traffic offender is four years.

  • Penalties for Criminal Motor Vehicle offense in Massachusetts

In addition to the impact on your license, a criminal motor vehicle charge could result in jail time and being placed on restrictive terms of probation.

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