Massachusetts License Suspension and Surcharges

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles imposes license suspensions based on an accumulation of civil motor vehicle violations or surchargable events.

Five Surchargable events: If a motorist is found responsible on five civil motor vehicle violations or has five surchargable events which include civil motor vehicle violations within three years, the motorist will have to take a drivers retraining course or incur a license suspension. A surchargable event includes any civil motor vehicle infraction as well as any accident where the motorist is deemed at fault.

7 Surchargable events: A responsible finding on seven moving violations or surchargable events within three years will result in a 60 days license suspension. A motorist does have a right of appeal to the Board of Appeals in order to contest the sixty day license suspension.

12 Surchargable events and habitual traffic offender: A finding of responsible on 12 moving violations with five years will result in the motorist be deemed a habitual traffic offender, incurring a four year loss of license.

3 Criminal motor vehicle offenses will result in 4 year loss of license as habitual traffic offender: Any motorist who is found guilty of three criminal motor vehicle violations, within five years, which include, Operating under the influence of alcohol, negligent operation of a motor vehicle, leaving the scene of property damage, driving on a suspended license, driving without proof of insurance or failing to stop for police, will be deemed a habitual traffic offender and will incur a four year loss of their Massachusetts Drivers License. If an individual has no criminal motor vehicle violations, then a conviction of more than one offense within a six hour period will be treated as one violation.

If you face a license suspension from the Registry of Motor Vehicles or have questions having your driving privileges, call Attorney DelSignore immediately.