Attorney Michael DelSignore Client Reviews (Part 2)

“Everything was dismissed”

Recently, our daughter got caught shoplifting at a retail store. She said it was an honest mistake but as we have always taught our kids, mistakes have consequences and this was one of them. Never being in this position before we asked around about what we should do and were advised to find a criminal defense attorney in that area who would represent her should she receive a notice to report before the clerk magistrate for a hear- ing. We did a Google search of attorneys and came upon Michael DelSignore. Our first impression was that he had a kind face and that was really reassuring to us. As we read everything on his website we quickly realized he was the attorney we were going to call first. It was a weekend when we called and Michael answered the phone right away.

We spoke for a few minutes and gave him the details as we new them at that time. He asked a bunch of questions and gave us feedback that made us immediately realize that we were not going to look any further than him for an attorney. Michael quickly got in touch with our daughter at school and every time they spoke she found him thorough and reassuring which helped her feel a little bit at ease. It was a frightening time for her and for us. The day of the hearing he spent time with our daughter going over again how the hearing would proceed. Being young and graduating soon she needed to get this dismissed so that she would not have a record that would follow her for a long time to come. Michael represented her and everything was dismissed. We were way outside our comfort zone that day being in court. We were worried and nervous but Michael’s kindness along with his calm and pleasant manner made us all feel like everything was going to work out okay. And it did! We are so grateful and thankful that we chose Mi- chael to help us. We highly recommend him to anyone who needs a criminal defense attorney. We wish him the best from the bottom of our hearts. - Client.

Date: December 20, 2015Category: Criminal Defense

“Only Mike had the integrity and honesty to inform me...”

I consulted with several local lawyers to determine how best to resolve my legal matter (non DUI/OUI), but only Mike had the integrity and honesty to inform me that I would be able to resolve the issue on my own in court without retaining counsel. Mike walked me through what to expect for my day in court and provided guidance as to how best pres- ent my case. His clear, specific instructions, which included the names of folks I would need to speak with, demonstrated his knowledge of the law and familiar relationships with local court officials. Mike even provided his direct line and happily answered some last minute questions the morning of my hearing. I’m happy to report that the issue in question is resolved! Without Mike I would have wasted a lawyer’s fee on someone with far less integrity, and would never have had the peace of mind I had throughout the entire process. Luckily, my legal issue was less serious than a DUI/OUI. However, if you’re faced with a serious charge, or even if you would just like a honest consult from someone trustworthy, I HIGHLY recommend you give Mike a call. He can help. - Client.

Date: December 16, 2015Category: Criminal Defense

“I was thrown off guard by nothing!”

Mike was a great guy and very easy to work with. He briefed me on everything and told me exactly what to expect in court. I was thrown off by nothing! His preparation won my case and I couldn’t be more thankful! I will be highly recommending Mike to anyone who needs help in the future! - Jordan.

Date: November 18, 2015Category: N/A

“I was found not guilty for the charges”

I hired Mike for my case that was ongoing for a year. He was very thorough in explaining the process and helped me get through each day in court. I was able to call him any time of day and he was available. In the end Mike was able to help me come to an end and
I was found not guilty for the charges against me. Mike thank you for all that you have done to help me with resolving this case.

Date: September 28, 2015Category: OUI Charge

“No back door tricks”

Best lawyer ever. It was so nice to work with you. Very pleasant personality, no back door tricks. Clear and calm and objectivefull approach. Can trust him and can rely on him. He will never let you down.A good family man true smart and dedicated Lawyer will not find any where else. He will not play games and know anxity and anger of but he will not use this to get more and more money out of you. If want 100% success hire him.
- Client

Date: September 24, 2015Category: N/A

“I failed the field sobriety and the breathalyzer test”

Mike has been a blessing to me. I was arrested after crashing my car to the point that it was total due to my husband taking the wheel from me in the mass pike going at a high- way speed limit. I had just came from a restaurant and had a couple of drinks and after admitting to it, I had to perform a field sobriety test. I failed the sobriety test and breatha- lyzer test after being arrested and I did not agree with the charges against me. Since the first day I contacted Mike, he was very attentive to what I was saying, provided me with lots of documentation of what to expect in a case such as mine, was always available to speak to me over the phone and was very quick in responding to my emails. On the day of my bench trial, due to Mike’s experience and knowledge, I was found not guilty of

all charges. I could not have put my trust in anyone else except for Mike. He gave me a sense of hope and peace of mind from the first day I spoke to him on the phone. Thank you Mike, you are a blessing to me and my family. God bless you and your family!
- Carmen

Date: September 22, 2015Category: OUI Accident, Failed FST, Failed breathalyzer

“This was difficult since I took the breathalyzer”

This case ended up being nearly 3 years old, but ended up winning through persever- ance. Mike was great making sure that I had the best shot at winning by looking at other similar cases, continuing my case until we had favorable circumstances, and then closed it out. This was a difficult case since I took the breathalyzer, but Mike was patient and helped to look for different ways to get it knocked out. This went to a bench trial where he put together a great defense where he showed there was not enough evidence be- yond a reasonable doubt for a guilty verdict. I would absolutely recommend him for OUI representation. - David.

Date: September 10, 2015Category: Failed Breathalyzer

“Two GREAT Attorneys- best possible outcome”

It is usually not a pleasant thing when you need to contact a lawyer, but I had the best possible experience given the circumstance with Michael Anthony DelSignore and his Associate, Julie Gaudreau. They were both really easy to talk to, very responsive, and resolved the criminal complaint against me before any charges went to court (keeping my record clean!). I would highly recommend them!

Date: August 27, 2015Category: Criminal Defense

“He was very well prepared to present my case...”

Michael is very helpful and knowledgeable in his field. He was very easy to get in touch with when I had questions or concerns about my case. He was very well prepared to present my case in court. Michael kept me informed about how the trial was going to go and made me feel very comfortable moving forward. He is an excellent lawyer and would highly recommended him to anyone who was in need of a lawyer that specializes in OUI/DUI cases. - Jessica.

Date: July 24, 2015Category: OUI Charge

“The judge dismissed my case...”

Mike did a great job counseling me when I unfortunately got a second DUI. He knew the law and successfully petitioned the RMV within 15 days of my arrest to reinstate my license. The day of the trial he skillfully motioned for a dismissal when the police officer failed to appear and neglected to notify the court. The judge dismissed my case and my license has been fully reinstated thanks to Mike’s expertise of the law. I’m very thankful.

Date: March 24, 2015Category: Second Offense OUI

“A winning scenario did not seem likely...”

Mike was very knowledgeable and responsive in my case. To me, it seemed like a win- ning scenario was not likely. However, Mike’s guidance and advice helped me “hang in there” and bring the case to trial. We were granted a “not guilty” verdict. Without Mike’s aptitude and knowledge of the law this would not have been possible.

Date: March 22, 2015Category: First Offense OUI

“First offense NOT GUILTY”

Michael DelSignore is an excellent attorney and I would highly recommend him to rep- resent you. I had the misfortune of being arrested for an OUI over a weekend and Mike was there to answer my call immediately, after leaving voice mails to others. Mike started discussing the matter with me asap on our first call and made himself available for a personal meeting the following day to go in further detail. I could tell I had made the right decision from the beginning as he was very knowledgeable in the field and it showed throughout the entire process. Our case was within Worcester County and I can’t stress enough how Mike was the right man for the job; very polite, friendly, and most importantly an expert in the matter. I’m very glad he took the route that he did and handled the case they way he did, as it resulted in a not guilty verdict in my OUI charges (1st offense) or any traffic violations either. Mike did not cut any corners and his deci- sions to deal with the case in the way that he did ultimately resulted in the best possible outcome as we went to trial. Mike always made himself available throughout the entire process and kept me well informed. Make your one and only call to Michael DelSignore as he will fight for your best interest and outcome.

Date: March 18, 2015Category: First Offense OUI

“The verdict was UNANIMOUS”

I recommend Mike to anyone who is in need of OUI attorney. He kept me informed throughout the process explaining what I need to do and what my options are. Mike did an outstanding job presenting the facts to the Jury and was able to beat the case, the verdict was unanimous and I was found not guilty. He’s very motivated,approachable and professional. Highly recommend!

Date: March 13, 2015Category: First Offense OUI

“I had a OUI, Negligence, Speeding, and failure to stop...”

Michael DelSignore is an excellent attorney. Mr. DelSignore is very knowledgeable and was great at explaining all of my charges, possible outcomes, and best course of action. I had an OUI, Negligence, Speeding, and failure to stop and Mr. DelSignore got the best outcome for me (Not Guilty for the OUI). Needless to say I was extremely happy with the outcome and extremely satisfied with his service. I would highly recommend anyone to Mr. DelSignore! -- Client.

Date: February 14, 2015Category: OUI Charge

“He put blood, sweat and tears into my case”

Being an out of state resident I was unfamiliar with MA laws and Mike was the only lawyer who sat me me down and explained my case in detail without first being paid. There’s no question that the odds were stacked against me for being uncooperative with the trooper throughout and telling him “I’ve been taking shots all day”. Anyone would think that this was a slam dunk case for the prosecution, even I did. Mike was beyond prepared at trial with an incredible defense that justified my actions and raised numerous doubts. I’ve seen many lawyers in action but Mike is a different breed. He put his blood, sweat, and tears into my case as if I was a family member which resulted in a not guilty verdict via bench trial. If proving your innocence is important to you, like it was for me, then you can’t afford not to have Michael DelSignore fighting for you. -- Dominic

Date: January, 2015Category: Out of State License OUI

“Really, really helped me out”

Mike was very professional. He never tried to sugar coat anything, and in the end the result was much better than I had expected. He’s friendly and intelligent. I would high recomend this lawyer. -- Client D.

Date: January, 2015Category: OUI Charge

“Need an OUI Defense lawyer? Mike is your guy!”

Attorney DelSignore was the first lawyer I called and I’m glad I did. Even though my incident was on a weekend, Mike responded right away. He met with me that same eve- ning to discuss my options and answer my questions. He is extremely knowledgeable about OUI law. As such, he built a great defense on my behalf; resulting in a not guilty verdict for BOTH the OUI and the negligent operation charge after a jury trial. Mike was great at keeping me informed about new information regarding my case, so I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on (i.e. police reports). He also did a great job explain- ing to me what was going on in the courtroom, so I always knew what was happening amidst all the legal jargon. Bottom line, if you’re looking for a OUI defense attorney, Mike is your guy. -- Client x

Date: January, 2015Category: OUI & Negligent Operation

“Would hire again in a heartbeat”

The week following my OUI was one of the scariest and hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. The first time I sat down with Mike, I knew I was in good hands. I was with my parents and he explained everything in lament’s terms (so to speak) about the pro- cess /what was going to happen. He met with me privately to go over my case and kept me in the know. He was always available via cell phone if I had any concerns. Mike went over all options that I had and discussed in detail what the outcome would / could be. We ended up deciding to go to trial and I was found not guilty. -- Leeann.

Date: January, 2015Category: OUI Charge

“After almost 3 years of going through the process...”

I hired Attorney Delsignore to represent me for an OUI arrest. He was the right choice! After almost 3 years going through the process, Michael finally got the opportunity to take my case to trial. I was found NOT GUILTY by a judge in Attleboro District Court. Needless to say, I am very happy with the outcome! I would recommend him to anyone in the area who is arrested for OUI. -- Client x

Date: December, 2014Category: OUI Charge

“I know exactly who to send my friends to...”

I’m conflicted on writing this review - I don’t believe in drinking and driving because I think it’s a selfish thing to do. That being said, my daughter was arrested for a DUI and failed the breathalyzer. All my friends said no attorney is getting her off this. Well, they never meet Atty. Delsignore - he was brilliant when it came to trial, no other word to describe it. I would also like to add, the clerk at the courthouse told my daughter she had a good attorney and that he was a nice guy. I pray to god I never need Atty. Delsignore again but if I or my friends ever need a DUI attorney, I know exactly who to send them to. Michael - I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my daughter another chance with no criminal record. -- One Grateful Mum.

Date: November, 2014Category: OUI, Failed Breathalyzer

“One of the top DUI/OUI lawyers in RI/MA area”

Michael is an a incredible attorney and great at what he does. I’m from Rhode Island
and was refered to Michael by a Top RI Dui lawyer, Matthew Marin. I was told that that Michael was a great attorney with great success and that he could help me out big time. After reading his reviews and all of the DUI cases he won on a regular basis, I saw some hope after all. His reviews even made me trust him before even meeting him. A won- derful guy to talk to and he clearly knows what he’s doing. He will make you feel good about your case and guarantee you a strong argument in the courtroom. The case took
a full year but just got recently dismissed.. He will also not charge you an arm and a leg like other lawyers. Thank you Mike for everything!!! -- Joe

Date: October, 2014Category: OUI out of state

“In the end we won the case...”

This was my first time being anywhere near a court room and Mike made it very easy to feel involved and understand each step of the process. I was able to email and call Mike when ever I had a question he always got back to me quickly usually as I was leaving him a voicemail he was calling me back! Mike never gave me false hope and was always straightforward with me. In the end we won the case and I couldn’t be more great full!! I would definitely recommend to anyone using Mike as there attorny!. -- Elizabeth.

Date: October, 2014Category: First Offense OUI

“He had a game plan from the first time we spoke...”

Michael is an excellent attorney. He had a game plan from the first time we spoke. Most interactions could be handled over the phone. Mr. DelSignore provided great service and is very knowledgeable on both RI and MA laws. Although the overall process took about two years, the end result was worth the wait. -- Client x

Date: July, 2014Category: OUI Charge