Top 10 questions to ask a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer

Many people charged with OUI in Massachusetts should never expect having to step foot in a courtroom.
This is because most people are first time offenders with no prior criminal record, no arrest record and may have been unjustifiably arrested.

Let me say that you are not alone in being charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts.
It is easy to get charged; being charged means that the police officer thought you were under the influence. While being charged is certainly stressful, embarrassing and a strain on your finances, job and family life, it is not the same as the Commonwealth proving the case and obtaining a conviction. Once you learn how the process works, understand that many have gone through this process before, understand your Constitutional rights and defenses to an OUI charge, I guarantee that some of your frustration and anxiety will be reduced.

With that advice in mind, your next step is to hire an experienced Massachusetts OUI lawyer.
Here is a list of 10 questions you should consider asking, to assist in your search for the right Massachusetts OUI lawyer for your case.

Top 10 Questions to Ask a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer

1. How many OUI trials have you had in the last year and how many have you won?

2. Have you ever had a breathalyzer test excluded from evidence?

3. Have you published any books on Massachusetts OUI laws?

4. What is your AVVO rating?

5. What advanced seminars have you attended on DUI laws?

6. How many DUI cases do you handle per year; is this your primary practice area?

7. Have you been recognized by the media, quoted in the newspaper or any law publications?

8. Are you a member of the National College of DUI Defense, a national organization dedicated to defending individuals charged with DUI?

9. Do you have the manual that that is used when police officers are trained in how to conduct a DUI investigation?

10. Do you have any client testimonials that I can read?

If you found an experienced Massachusetts OUI lawyer, they will be happy to answer these questions and any other question you may have about the court process, the reliability of field sobriety tests and the science of breathalyzer testing, as well as current issues in drunk driving defense across the country.

If you would like to discuss your case with me, feel free to call and I will gladly discuss your case in person or over the telephone if you prefer. If you have the police report available you can fax it or send it as an email attachment so that I can read it while discussing your case. You can reach me at 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924 to discuss your case. You can also learn more about Massachusetts OUI laws by downloading my free book, Understanding Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws.