How long does it take to get an OUI case to trial?

One of the frequent questions, I am asked is how long does the process take. The average case will take from six months to one year to complete. If there is a breath test in the case, the case will take longer as there is an extra step in the process that requires a hearing to challenge the admissibility of the breath test.

Most of my cases involve one evidentiary motion date meaning that the officer will have to testify live about some legal issue in the case. This makes the case take longer because the date may have to be rescheduled. My goal is to help you avoid an OUI conviction; accordingly, I encourage my clients to exercise all challenge prior to putting a case on for trial. There is no downside in trying to exclude evidence and often even if the motion is denied we gain valuable information about the case.

Some cases may take over one year, depending on how busy the Court is or whether there are complex legal issues in the case. I have numerous testimonials from clients who obtained not guilty verdicts in cases that took along time. A person can always resolve a case quickly through a plea, but winning a case often takes patients, to exercise your legal rights and to await your trial date. My fee is a flat fee meaning the cost is the same regardless of the number of court dates. When I take a case, my goal is to help you avoid a conviction and to take every step to achieve that outcome.