Cost of Hiring a Massachusetts DUI lawyer

As a Massachusetts OUI lawyer, I understand that the costs of hiring a lawyer can seem daunting and many people may prefer not to even consult with one, based on this concern. Although I cannot speak for lawyers nationwide, I can describe the method of which I accept payment from my clients.

Summary of the Fee Agreement:

  • Flat fee; you are not billed per court date but charged based on whether or not the case proceeds to trial. Initial payment upon being hired with any additional payment being due if the case proceeds to trial.
  • Cost of representation set forth at the first meeting; the flat fee ensures that you will not have to be concerned with the time the case takes.
Can I afford to hire a lawyer?

I personally charge a flat fee for representation; the cost of representation is completely set forth in the fee agreement after the initial meeting so that you know the cost of taking the matter to trial if the case proceeds to that stage.

I do not believe it is fair to bill by the hour in an OUI case as the time a case takes is very uncertain and can be unpredictable. In one week, I had two motion hearings to exclude breath test evidence, one was completed by 11:30 a.m. while the other did not conclude until 4:00 p.m. Accordingly, since the amount of time you will spend in court and the number of appearance is not always predictable, you will have the full upfront knowledge of the cost of my services after the initial meeting.

I divide the fee in two parts, between the pretrial phase and the trial phase. I charge a set fee for the pretrial stage, meaning that if you resolve the case prior to trial you will pay only the pretrial portion of the fee. Most cases have several pretrial hearings until the case is reached for trial. If your case requires a trial or evidentiary motion, I will then charge the trial portion of the fee. As most cases can take anywhere from four months to up to one year, it allows you time to pay both portions of the fee.

What do the costs cover?

Expenses in defending an OUI case are separate but include three common expenses at predictable costs:

  • Cost of motion hearing transcripts; A motion hearing transcript will typically cost about $ 300.00; the expense can be more or less depending on the length of the hearing.
  • Cost of Video editing; if there is a video in your case, I typically edit the video so that it can play continuously before the jury without having to manually skip forward before the jury over inadmissible portions;
  • Expert fees: if there is a breath test or blood test, an expert may be helpful to explain the test results or to explain why the results are not accurate in your particular case. Expert fees can be the most substantial additional cost ranging from $ 1500.00 and higher depending on the qualifications of the expert.

The best way to understand how much an OUI defense lawyer will cost is to call me directly and set up an appointment. After reviewing your case at the initial appointment, I will review the fee agreement and the fee for defending you in your particular case. You can contact me at 781-686-5924 to set up a free initial consultation to discuss your case.