What do you need to bring to your first appointment with an OUI Lawyer in Massachusetts?

Often when somebody makes an appointment to discuss their arrest, which is generally over the weekend, they wonder what documents they should bring to the attorney.

In most cases you will not have the police report, but will have the bail slip, copy of the notice of license suspension and possibly a citation for OUI. You can bring each of those documents if you were arrested over the weekend. Those documents will have some information that I will want to review during your appointment.

If for some reason you don’t have any documentation, you can certainly still come to the office as it will still be valuable for me to speak with you and explain the law and what you’ll face in court. If you’ve already been arraigned and been to court, you may now have a copy of the complaint and police report. If you do have these documents you can bring those to the appointment.

While you may not have all of the pertinent information, the narrative section of the police report is an important part of the case and provides a good start for me to understand more about the case and to discuss the case in greater detail with you. When an individual comes to an appointment and does not have any of these documents it is not a problem, I can still discuss the case with them and discuss their defenses. Typically because all the information is not available immediately, it is not crucial to have a copy of the police report. If you call me to schedule an appointment, I will sometimes send you an intake form while many people will not have time to complete this prior to the appointment, if you can complete it this will be beneficial for you to bring.

  • What Will you learn at your first appointment?

At the first appointment, what I will do is explain what is going to happen in court, the law, how the case will be defended, what the issues may be in your case based on what you tell me and what I know about the case from the other information you have and I answer any of your questions.

  • At your appointment, you will Receive a Free Book I wrote Massachusetts OUI Laws

I will provide you with a copy of my book that explains the law and if hired, will then go to court with you on the next court date. In many cases, this court date may be an inconvenient date for you but court dates can be moved with relative ease in almost any case. If you have questions, you can learn more about OUI laws in Massachusetts by watching some of my YouTube videos, downloading my book or simply picking up the phone and giving me a call.