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What are Some of the Best OUI Defenses?

Attorney DelSignore explains some of the defenses that might help win your case in court

What are the Best Defenses when you are charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts.

The best defenses to an OUI have the following elements:

  1. Explain why the field tests are inaccurate in your case.
  2. Minimizing claims of erratic driving and look for examples of safe driving, when you pulled over in response to the officer’s signal to stop.
  3. Emphasize examples when you were alert, coherent and cooperating with the officer.

Ultimately, what an OUI Lawyer wants to show is that while the officer may have tripped you up a couple of times on the field sobriety tests, that you understand everything the officer said, did everything the officer requested of you to the best of your ability and at all times was paying attention and responding normally to the officer’s requests.

What are some of the things that a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer looks for when reading a police report.

Here are some of the things that can help create a top OUI defense.

  1. Did you retrieve your license and registration without difficulty.
  2. Did you get out of the car without leaving on it for balance.
  3. Did you substantially perform the field sobriety tests.

When you provide your license and registration, without fumbling or having difficulty handling it, an officer will be forced to acknowledge that their training teaches them to look for this as a sign of someone being under the influence of alcohol.

Also, when you get out of the car, without touching it, leaning on it or using it for balance, this is another point where an officer police training says, pay attention to this, people under the influence lean on their car when getting out. When you do not exhibit these traits, a Massachusetts OUI attorney can point this out to the jury as part of your defense.

In short, the Best OUI defenses in a DUI arrest involve, point out common sense reasons why field sobriety tests are unreliable:

  • Performed on the side of the road
  • Unfamiliar to the person taking them
  • One chance to perform them correctly.
  • Judged by an officer already believing you are under the influence of alcohol.

If you want to discuss what the Best OUI defenses are to your case, call 781-686-5924 to speak to Attorney DelSignore.

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Michael was very professional and explained the process clearly and told us to be patient. After one year the charges got dismissed in the trial. Excellent knowledge of the court systems in the area of Boston. Would highly recommend him Ashwani
A careless decision on my part left me facing charges which would have severely hampered my ability to stay employed and support myself. But attorney DelSignore's skillful analysis and challenging of the evidence against me resulted in a conviction on a lesser charge. Now I'll be able to go on with my life, having learned a lesson I'll never forget. Thank you, Michael. Scott
Mike stuck with my case for 3.5 years and always kept me informed regarding the status. Ultimately, because of his due diligence, we ended up with an OUI not guilty verdict. This case could have gone many ways but his thorough review of the case and exceptional preparedness for trial ultimately drove a positive outcome. Thank you Mike! David
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