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If you face a drunk driving charge in Marshfield, Massachusetts, you should speak to an attorney who is experienced in handling cases from Marshfield and in the Plymouth District Court.

A DUI charge out of Marshfield will be brought to the Plymouth District Court, which is located at 52 Obery Street in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Your case will originally be called in the first section of the district court which is on the first floor of the court. If the court case is then brought to trial, the trial session is on the third floor of the court where all trials and motions are heard.

When you are charged with DUI in Marshfield, it is important to understand that just because you are charged does not mean that the Commonwealth will be able to convict you beyond a reasonable doubt of driving under the influence of alcohol. Defenses for DUI charges vary depending on the facts of each case.

What are common defense in a Marshfield OUI arrest?

Common defenses at an OUI trial involved attacking the reliability of field sobriety tests. These defenses include:

  • That the tests were not properly given.
  • Performed in unfair conditions.
  • Scored according to the officers’ own standard, rather than according to the uniform scoring system set forth in training.
  • Inaccurate because of the individual’s medical condition or physical condition making balancing exercises harder for the person than they need to be.
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It is important to understand that defending DUI is a specialized area of law and requires an attorney who has experience taking these cases to trial and defending motions and in challenging breathalyzer evidence in court.

If you have any questions about a DUI charge out of Marshfield, Massachusetts, you can contact Attorney Delsignore. He will be happy to provide you with a free DUI handbook that will answer common questions and will answer your questions over the phone if you call 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924; you can send also send an email directly through the contact forum on this website.