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Dedham OUI Marijuana & Drug Lawyer

Whenever someone is charged with a driving offense involving marijuana, or any drug charge for that matter, they should speak with an established Dedham drug OUI lawyer. An established OUI drug attorney could read law enforcement's report, reference field sobriety tests, and statements from the officers.


The decriminalization of marijuana does not have an impact on marijuana DUI charges because driving under the influence of marijuana is still a crime. However, decriminalization could change some of the arguments a defense lawyer can make for the court and to a jury.

How Does the Evidence Differ from an alcohol OUI charge?

Attorney DelSignore explains why OUI Marijuana cases are winnable in court

The evidence in a marijuana OUI case and an alcohol-based case is often the same. In alcohol cases, the field sobriety tests have been scientifically tested and accepted for alcohol. In marijuana OUI cases, testing is done similarly to a sobriety test. The fact is that marijuana affects the body differently from alcohol, so their training for alcohol does not relate reliably to marijuana. Field tests are not conclusive tests as to whether or not someone is driving impaired by marijuana.

The prosecution has to prove that the accused was impaired by marijuana in public and while operating a motor vehicle. The associated penalties for marijuana OUI include the possibility of a year of probation, fines, and fees. It may be critical to speak with an established Dedham marijuana OUI lawyer about potentially defending your case.


If you took a prescription drug and are facing an OUI charge, you should know that you have defenses available to help win your case. With prescription drugs, the prosecution still has to prove that the drug the person was under the influence of falls within the categories that are prohibited, that it is a depressant, narcotic, or stimulant, and if it is not one of the illegal drugs, it is going to make it more difficult for the government to meet that burden.

If the person did not know the impact that a medication would have on them, then they could present evidence that the intoxication was not voluntary, and if that were accepted by a judge or jury, then that would be a defense to the charge. These types of cases are very technical in regards to the law and the government often cannot meet their burden of proof. It could be that the person felt they should not have been driving, but that is different than whether the prosecution can meet that burden of proof to prove that the person was impaired.

Additionally, there is a possibility of getting a diversion on OUI drugs in which the person would do a substance abuse program and the case would be dismissed. There is also a diversionary program for OUI drugs and alcohol for anyone in the military under what is called the Valor Act. A Dedham OUI drug lawyer could work diligently to help an individual


Authorities test for the presence of drugs based on their observations, but it is not mandatory that they drug test you. They could make you go to a hospital for a blood test, but, typically, they are going to find the drug that they you are under the influence of in the car and then they will meet their burden to make the arrest. Their opinion is going to be based on admissions from the person and circumstantial evidence in terms of how the person acted and how they appeared.

Officers go through a week of training and claim to have the same expertise as a pharmacologist and attempt to give an opinion about impairment that they are simply not qualified to make. Sometimes, a DRE or so-called drug recognition expert officers are nothing but police officers who are performing a test that seems scientific but is really just a way to get the person to make more admissions and to confirm that they are under the influence.


A drug recognition expert does an evaluation to determine whether a person is impaired. They go through a 12-step process to come to an opinion about the type of drug the person is under the influence of. In almost all cases, the DRE says the person is under the influence of the drug they said they took.

Part of that exam is an interrogation of the person. The DRE talks to the arresting officer to see what they found. The exam is not scientific; it is just a way for them to make the arrest look scientific. In fact, the exam is nothing more than making it pure scientific what the person said they are under the influence of.


At DelSignore Law, we know that OUI cases, regardless of the substance, often result in license suspensions. For this reason, we wanted to open an office location in the Dedham area in an effort to make the process more convenient for our clients. Feel free to contact us today, 781-686-5924, and we can meet you at your earliest convenience; night and weekend appointments are available!

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Michael was very professional and explained the process clearly and told us to be patient. After one year the charges got dismissed in the trial. Excellent knowledge of the court systems in the area of Boston. Would highly recommend him Ashwani
A careless decision on my part left me facing charges which would have severely hampered my ability to stay employed and support myself. But attorney DelSignore's skillful analysis and challenging of the evidence against me resulted in a conviction on a lesser charge. Now I'll be able to go on with my life, having learned a lesson I'll never forget. Thank you, Michael. Scott
Mike stuck with my case for 3.5 years and always kept me informed regarding the status. Ultimately, because of his due diligence, we ended up with an OUI not guilty verdict. This case could have gone many ways but his thorough review of the case and exceptional preparedness for trial ultimately drove a positive outcome. Thank you Mike! David
Michael DelSignore did an amazing job with my case! He was always available to answer any questions I had and helped walked me through the entire process. I could not have done it without them! I highly recommend choosing this law firm to deal with your legal needs, you will not be dissatisfied. Ashley
I cannot express the gratitude towards Michael for his amazing work and help. It was a very stressful event and they certainly put me at as much ease as possible. From start to finish it took 14 months and all the way through they were both very engaged with me. Today was worth the wait, Michael was great in court and I was rightfully found not guilty. I would recommend Michael over and over again. Claire