Wrentham OUI Lawyer

As a Wrentham OUI lawyer, Michael DelSignore has appeared in the Wrentham District Court frequently and has successfully defended numerous individuals charged with drunk driving out of the Wrentham District Court.

Defending drunk driving requires a careful understanding of the following:

  • The training of the police officer
  • knowledge of breathalyzer testing
  • the ability to communicate a clear theory to the jury or judge as to why the Commonwealth's evidence is insufficient to prove the OUI charge.

When speaking to a lawyer about your case, feel free to ask these general questions about drunk driving law and more specifically what evidence can be expected when the case is prosecuted by the Wrentham police.

  • What type of Evidence will the Wrentham Police Department have?

If your arrest is by the Wrentham police department, you can expect that there will be a video of the booking process. This video is of relatively low quality and is one of the more difficult police videos to have edited and to view. However, it will show your appearance and what occurred at booking. While it is not a high quality video, it still may help your case. At trial, I will often argue that while the video is not great, it is the fault of the Commonwealth and the police department for not proving a better quality view and this lack of evidence should raise a reasonable doubt.

The Wrentham District Court hears cases from the following towns:

  • Foxboro
  • Franklin
  • Medway
  • Millis
  • Norfolk
  • Plainville
  • Walpole

Wrentham District Court has an arraignment session on the first floor when you enter the court; its trial session is one the second floor. Typically, the court will have two judges assigned to the court. On Friday, the court will only have one judge as trials are not scheduled on Friday.

If you or a loved one needs to speak to a Wrentham OUI lawyer, contact Michael DelSignore today for a free and confidential appointment to discuss your rights.

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