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Being arrested or charged with DUI does NOT mean you are guilty. For you to be convicted of a DUI, the Police Officer and State must be able to prove their case of drunk driving beyond a reasonable doubt. The standard the Commonwealth has to satisfy for a conviction is substantially higher than what a police officer needs to arrest you. While it is understandable to be angry over being arrested, many drunk driving cases result in a not guilty verdict at trial as a result of the higher level of proof needed for a conviction.

Michael DelSignore frequently and aggressively practices numerous methods for attacking the Arresting Officer’s Police Report and each element of the State’s case, examples include: Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Suppress and motions to exclude Breathalyzer Test results.

When reading your police report for the first time, it is important to have the perspective of an experienced lawyer to help you understand what the important observations of the officer are, what parts of the police report assist your defense and how your defense will be prepared at trial. You should speak to an experienced DUI lawyer in Walpole, Massachusetts before making any decision as to whether to seek a trial or resolve your charge of DUI. Contact us and schedule a Free Consultation today: 781-686-5924

Attorney DelSignore is an experienced and relentless Walpole drunk driving defense lawyer who will methodically attack the State’s case to obtain a not guilty verdict on your Massachusetts OUI charge. Attorney DelSignore also defends charges of Second and Third Offense OUI charges and has successfully defended cases involving those with prior OUI convictions.

Walpole DUI arrests and charges are tried in The District Court in Wrentham located at 60 East Street Wrentham, Massachusetts. If your case is scheduled for arraignment or pretrial, your case will be heard in the first session of the court on the first floor; if you have a trial scheduled, your case will be heard in the trial session on the second floor of the Wrentham District Court.

If you have been arrested and charged with a Massachusetts DUI, it is imperative that you contact an experienced, resourceful, and aggressive defense attorney to protect you throughout the legal process. Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer Michael DelSignore has spent years defending clients against DUI, DWI and OUI charges throughout Massachusetts.

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