Taunton DUI Lawyer

Attorney Michael DelSignore regularly appears in Taunton District Court to defend individuals charged with drunk driving. Since many of the towns within the Taunton jurisdiction have booking videos, you should hire a Taunton OUI attorney as soon as possible so that the video can be secured as in many cases a booking video will assist in your defense.

Recent case in Taunton

After being stopped at a roadblock, my client had been charged with second offense OUI. The officer testified the client was slurring speech, had bloodshot eyes, and smelled of alcohol. He allegedly failed field sobriety tests. At trial, my client was found not guilty of OUI and was able to avoid the harsh punishments of a second offense OUI.

Arrested by Easton or Seekonk Police.

If your arrest is by the Easton or Seekonk police departments, you can expect a video of the booking process. With Easton, it will be of high quality with sound while the Seekonk have a low quality security camera type video of the booking process.

Having handled many drunk-driving cases, I have cross examined countless police officers and understand how best to prepare a defense to a DUI charge after reviewing the police report.

If you face an OUI charge in Taunton, I will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible. I generally ask the following questions at the first meeting

Find out how many drunk driving convictions you have in your lifetime;

Explain to you the license consequences for refusing the breathalyzer or taking it and failing;

Ask questions about the incident, such as why the officer claimed to have stopped you in the first place; discuss the ways field sobriety tests can be attacked at trial.

Explain the court process for your first court date and the schedule of future court dates.

Provide you an intake form that I will use as a reference for your case

Discuss any medical condition that may be relevant in attacking breathalyzer evidence or the reliability of field sobriety tests, like the one leg stand test or nine step walk and turn.

The Taunton District Court is located at 40 Broadway Street, Taunton, Massachusetts.

IN TAUNTON DISTRICT COURT FOR THE FIRST TIME: If it is your first appearance in the Taunton Court, your arraignment will be heard on in the main criminal session on the first floor. After your arraignment, your next court date will be on the third floor as both the pretrial, motion and trial session are on the third floor of the court.

Any OUI arrest in the following towns will result in the case being brought to Taunton:

  • Berkley
  • Dighton
  • Easton
  • Raynham
  • Rehoboth
  • Seekonk
  • Taunton

Attorney DelSignore is dedicated to representing individuals charged with DUI in Taunton and is a member of the National College of DUI defense and National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. As a member of these organizations, Attorney DelSignore is familiar with all of the most innovative DUI defenses to effectively defend your DUI charge. Attorney DelSignore is available to review your case and explain your defenses.

Attorney DelSignore can be reached at 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924 and generally answers most calls personally.