Information about OUI arrest in Swansea

It is easy to get arrested for drunk driving; police officers in Swansea and throughout Massachusetts need very little evidence to make an arrest. The law calls the standard an officer needs to reach to make an arrest probable cause; a conviction requires much more proof that known as proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Swansea OUI lawyer Attorney Michael DelSignore is an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer who has spent years helping clients accused of Swansea drunk-driving charges, as well as misdemeanor and felony charges that can lead to incarceration or probation in Fall River District Court.

Fall River District Court, 186 South Main Street, Fall River, MA 02721, hears criminal cases in Swansea and the nearby areas:

  • Fall River
  • Freetown
  • Somerset
  • Westport

Fall River, Mass., sits to the south, separated by the Taunton River. Somerset is to the east, while Rehoboth is to the north. Interstate 195 runs through Swansea and connects Providence, swooping south to the western edge of Cape Cod.

Michael DelSignore handles all types of OUI cases and is skilled at challenging the many aspects of a drunken-driving charge.

Some of the issues that arise in a DUI case include:

  • Accuracy of scientific evidence, breath and blood test results
  • Legal defenses, such as was there a reason for the officer to make a stop or arrest.
  • Explaining the flaws with field sobriety tests to the jury.

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