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It is obvious to most people how frightening it is to be stopped by law enforcement, asked questions, or asked to submit to field sobriety tests. So, if you've been arrested and charged with an OUI in Massachusetts and you have an upcoming arraignment or court appearance for a Sturbridge OUI in Worcester County, you need to contact an experienced attorney that specializes in DUI Defense in the Sturbridge, MA area.

Failing the field sobriety test, does not mean you were impaired or intoxicated while driving a vehicle. It means you failed a test forced on you in a stressful situation and while under pressure. Under this pressure, many of us would and do make mistakes on a field sobriety test. Attorney DelSignore represents drivers from all walks of life who have been mistakenly accused and charged with OUI and are suffering for it. Just because you suffer a Massachusetts DUI arrest doesn't mean that you are going to suffer a conviction. There are countless legal defenses Attorney DelSignore can use to defend you.

Attorney DelSignore is an experienced and determined Sturbridge drunk driving defense lawyer who methodically attacks the State's case to obtain a not guilty verdict on your Massachusetts OUI charge. Attorney DelSignore also defends charges of Second and Third Offense OUI charges and has successfully defended cases involving those with prior MA OUI convictions.

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Sturbridge OUI arrests and charges are tried in The District Court in Dudley located at: Dudley District Court 279 West Main Street, Dudley, MA (click for Map).

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