Shrewsbury OUI Lawyer

Shrewsbury OUI Lawyer

What are some of the defenses a Shrewsbury OUI Lawyer can assert if you are charged with drunk driving?

Defenses in an OUI charge revolve around the following issues:

  • Was my OUI stop lawful?
  • Did the police officer follow proper procedure in conducting my field sobriety tests?
  • Is the booking video consistent with the officer’s statements in the police report.

You can begin learning the defense to your case by reviewing Attorney DelSignore’s website. On his website, you will find videos that explain the process, web pages addressing common issues and defense and you can also download his Free Book to Learn about Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws. If you have questions, you can call 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924 to discuss your question. Attorney DelSignore has publications on OUI laws for individuals charged and has written for lawyers and can wants his clients to understand the process in as much detail as you desire.

Publications for those charged:

  • Understanding Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws.
  • Special Report Contesting an OUI Roadblock;
  • Newspaper commentary on bench trials in OUI cases

For Lawyers:

  • Wrote Chapter 1 in Witness Preparation and Examination for DUI Proceedings.
  • Wrote Chapter 3 for Trends in DUI Discovery

If you would like a copy of any more information on OUI laws I would be happy to provide it. When you come to my office, you will see that it contains every resource for defending an OUI charge that is available.

Please take a moment to watch me explain the steps involved in fighting an OUI charge:

Westborough District Court, 186 Oak Street, Westborough, MA 01581, handles cases from Shrewsbury and the surrounding area.

Whether this is your first OUI charge or your fourth OUI Offense, Attorney DelSignore can provide the support, guidance, and representation you need to defend yourself against your OUI charge. You can contact Attorney DelSignore at (508) 455-4755 and schedule a free office appointment in his Westborough office at 1900 West Park Drive, Suite 280 Westborough, Massachusetts or at one of his other offices located conveniently throughout the Commonwealth. Call now to discuss your case and answer your Shrewsbury OUI questions.