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Drivers charged with OUI in Raynham understand that they will need to find an attorney that has experience in handling OUI cases. But, drivers charged with OUI should also be asking themselves some specific and critical questions about their particular cases like:

Can a breathalyzer refusal license suspension be appealed?
“Can my case be dismissed if I can prove that I have a medical condition?
Can I challenge the results of the 9 Step Walk and Turn and the 1 Leg Stand test that I was forced to perform

Not all of these questions will pertain to your specific situation, but the best strategy is to identify which specific elements of your OUI case are most important to winning your case.

Please take a moment to watch me explain how specific elements of a case like the field sobriety tests may be used to defend your case:

Attorney DelSignore understands the factors in play throughout your OUI case. He understands these factors because he regularly defends OUI cases in courts throughout Massachusetts. He regularly authors OUI publications, is a prolific blogger on the subject of OUI defense and is a member of numerous National Defense and OUI associations.

Take a look at some of Attorney DelSignore’s case results.

If you were arrested and charged with OUI in Raynham, your case will be tried in the Taunton District Court which located at 40 Broadway Street, Taunton, MA 02780. The Taunton District Court handles all OUI cases out of Raynham, MA.

Whether this is a first OUI charge or a 3rd OUI Offense, Attorney DelSignore can provide the guidance and representation you need to defend yourself against your OUI charge.

You can contact Attorney DelSignore at (781) 686-5924 and schedule a free office appointment in his Stoughton Office at 530 Washington Street, Stoughton, MA 02072 or at one of his other offices located conveniently throughout the Commonwealth. Call now to discuss your case and answer your Raynham OUI questions.