Newton, OUI Lawyer

If you are arrested for OUI in Newton, Massachusetts- you need to hire an experienced OUI attorney. Newton OUI cases are heard at 1309 Washington St in West Newton.

The court in Newton has one judge that typically sits there and schedules cases throughout the week, but has its jury trials heard on Wednesday.

When you are arrested for OUI in Newton or anywhere throughout the Massachusetts area, you may have many defenses to the case and you need to set up an appointment with an attorney to learn what legal issues are present in your case.

Often, the issues, such as field sobriety tests, can be challenged as being inaccurate or unreliable. Clients are sometimes nervous upon taking these tests and are unable to perform under stressful conditions that the officer requires these tests to be performed under. If you took a breath test, the case can still be fought on many different grounds, as breath test evidence does not always come into evidence.

The government needs to comply with certain rules and regulations in order for breath test evidence to be admissible at trial. The failure to follow such steps could result in it being excluded from evidence.

At DelSignore Law, we handle a variety of cases. When you review our website and recent case results, you will notice successful results with car accidents, field breath and sobriety tests (which the officer alleged were failed), and allegations of slurred speech and erratic driving. The next step you should take is to contact us at 781-686-5924.

We will request, if handy, you please send over the police report so we can review the case over the phone with you. From that point, we will schedule an appointment where you can come into one of our offices, located throughout Massachusetts. Close to Newton, our Dedham office located at 20 East Brook Street, Dedham, is where we frequently meet clients who have been arrested in the area.