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A common question asked by a client charged with an OUI in Mendon is are there any defenses when I register above the legal limit on a breathalyzer.

Michael DelSignore has had great success fighting cases where the client has registered well above the legal limit. He has successfully defended cases both in the Milford District Court where Mendon arrests are heard and throughout Massachusetts. You can see examples of successfully defended breath test cases on the DUI case results page on this site and on the lawyer review site under his attorney profile.

What it is like to work with Attorney DelSignore

When working with Attorney DelSignore, handles all motions and trials and meets with his clients throughout the process to discuss the case, review the client intake form given out at the beginning of the case and to take pictures of the area of the arrest if it can be done safely. Attorney DelSignore does have an associate who sometimes handles routine court dates.

How Breath test Results can be Challenged?

In OUI cases, police officers will often fail to follow the proper procedure in administering the test which undermines the scientific reliability of the results. A hearing is scheduled in court which address whether the Commonwealth can establish the legal requirements to admit a breath test result. If this motion is denied other defenses to a breath test case include:

  • Disconnection between the results and officer’s observations
  • Showing that a Medical condition may have made the results inaccurate in your case.
  • Arguing to the jury that the officer did not follow the correct procedures, undermining the reliability of the results.

Those charged with first offense OUI in Mendon will very often be offered a plea bargain of a continued without a finding or better known as a CWOF. Many clients will ask if this is a good deal. While a CWOF technically not a guilty verdict, it still has severe consequences. There will be an automatic suspension of license, fines and mandatory alcohol classes. Along with this, even though it is technically not a conviction, if someone with a CWOF is arrested again for drunk driving, it will still be considered a second offense OUI which carries harsher penalties.

If you feel like there you were treated unfairly or there is a defense to your drunk driving charge, it is important to not settle for a CWOF and contact an experienced OUI attorney who will take your case to trial.

As a OUI Lawyer who handles cases by the Mendon police department, it is important that you do not rush into a plea on the case and understand the defenses to your case. Often, when I meet with clients, they believe the evidence is stronger than it actually is. Many of expressed anger at a police report only to be surprised when I tell them, the officer wrote you a good report.

OUI cases and other criminal offenses arising in Mendon will be heard in the Milford District Court located at 161 West Street, Milford, MA 01757. Along with Mendon, this district court will hear cases from:

  • Upton
  • Hopedale
  • Milford

Attorney DelSignore has an office conveniently located at 1900 West Park Drive Westborough, MA 01581. By contacting him for a free consultation, you will have the opportunity to have a one on one meeting to discuss the best options for you when facing a drunk driving charge or criminal charge. Attorney DelSignore has represented Mendon clients in first, second and third OUI charged along with various other criminal charges. If you or a loved one has been charged with an OUI or criminal offense in Mendon or a surrounding area, please call 508-455-4755.