Littleton OUI Lawyer

Attorney DelSignore is an experienced OUI and criminal defense lawyer who has handled many cases in which Littleton was the arresting police department. If you have been arrested for OUI or for another crime in Littleton, you can expect your case to be heard in the Ayer District Court.

The Ayer District Court has two sessions; the first session where arraignments, pretrials, and motions are heard, and the second session where jury trials are conducted. At the Ayer District Court, it is possible that you might elect a bench trial in which case your trial would be heard by a judge in the first session. Should you wish for a Jury trial, the jury will consist of members from Middlesex County which include areas close to Ayer but also include neighboring towns in any area within Middlesex County. This jury of six will hear your case and ultimately decide whether your case will be found guilty or not guilty.

The Ayer District Court is located at:
25 East Main Street, Ayer, MA 01432.

This is where you will go for your arraignment, all pretrial conferences, motion hearings, and trial if need be.

There are a number of questions my clients have in regards to the penalties of being found guilty of this charge. For many, it is their first run in with the law and they are unfamiliar with the court process and what penalties they may be facing.

Because OUI charges carry stiff penalties, it is important that you consider hiring an experienced attorney who had handled similar cases. When you are arrested and brought back to the station for the booking process in Littleton, they will have a booking video that you may be able to obtain and it may be used to help win your case in court. The attorneys at DelSignore Law have represented hundreds of clients across Massachusetts who likely had a similar case to yours and will be able to obtain the booking footage.

We have office locations across Massachusetts as well; Attleboro, Westborough, Dedham, Marlborough, Stoughton, and New Bedford. Read here for an address listing of our many office locations.

Closest to Littleton, our Marlborough Office is roughly 20 miles away.

Contact Attorney DelSignore today to talk about your case and to discuss any and all defenses that may be available to you. If you are still hesitant to hire an attorney, read some of our client reviews here.

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