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One of Attorney DelSignore favorite Courts to practice in is the Leominister District Court. This is a Court where Attorney DelSignore has had some great success.

The Leominister District Court is part of Worcester Country and typically the presiding judge handles the cases in this Court. However, other judges throughout the region will sometimes rotate to this Court. The Leominister District Court does not have its own jury session, so any jury trial will be sent to the Fitchburg District Court.

Attorney DelSignore is a Leominster OUI lawyer who defends clients charged with drunk driving and OUI/DUI offenses in Leominster, Massachusetts.

Leominster is located north of Worcester of west of Boston. It is the second largest city in Worcester County.

OUI Charges are Difficult to Prove: Nationwide, more than 1 in 4 drunk driving defendants are not convicted.

Recent Case Result in Leominster
The state police charged a client with OUI after being stopped for speeding. It was also alleged that the defendant failed field sobriety tests and admitted to consuming alcohol. At trial, he was found not guilty.

Many people charged with OUI in Massachusetts never expect to ever have to step foot in a courtroom. They have no prior criminal record, no arrest record and many do not even feel as though they should have been arrested. The night after the arrest can be difficult and force many to hire a Massachusetts OUI attorney when they never expected to be in this position.

You are not alone in being charged with drunk driving in Massachusetts. It is easy to get charged. Being charged means that the police officer thought you were under the influence. While being charged is certainly stressful, embarrassing and a strain on your finances, job and family life, it is not the same as the Commonwealth proving the case and obtaining a conviction. Once you learn how the process works, understand that many have gone through this process before and understand your Constitutional rights and defenses to an OUI charge, some of your frustration and anxiety will be reduced.

With that advice in mind, your next step is to hire an experienced Massachusetts OUI lawyer. Understanding your options in defending your case is important. You should consult with an experienced Massachusetts OUI lawyer to best prepare your case.

Why to see if Attorney DelSignore will accept your case?

OUI arrests in Leominster can be won at trial. Attorney DelSignore is an experienced attorney who can educate you on OUI defenses, the court process, and discover if there is any evidence of faulty field sobriety tests.

To further help you navigate the court process, Attorney Delsignore’s book, Understanding Massachusetts Drunk Driving Laws is available for download.

Those charged with an OUI arrest in Leominster can feel confident with Attorney Delsignore. He has experience defending OUI cases in Worcester County, and will begin preparing your case even if your court date is within a few days.

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You can reach Attorney Delsignore at 508-455-4755 24-hours a day, 7 days a week for a free consultation. Attorney DelSignore also has an office located conveniently in Westborough, Massachusetts at 1900 W. Park Drive where he will be glad to discuss your case in person. Additionally, office appointments can be made at one of his 3 other office locations. You can find the addresses for these locations here.

If you are arrested for OUI and your case is going to be heard in Leominister, call Attorney DelSignore at 508-455-4755 or 781-686-5924 to learn about your defenses.