Groton OUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested in the town of Groton for operating while under the influence or on any other criminal charges, you should consider contacting an experienced criminal defense attorney at DelSignore Law.

The Groton Police Department has video-surveillance in their booking room which records the booking process after an arrest is made and you are brought back to the station. While Groton has booking videos, their booking videos do not have sound. We can still work to try and obtain a copy of the video regardless of this factor.

While the main evidence in any OUI case is the officer’s testimony, which is based on his or her opinion, we can use the video to rebut some of what the officer is claiming. Even without sound, we can watch the video to see if your balance was good during the booking process and to get a better idea of your overall conduct at the police station.

At DelSignore Law, we have represented clients from Groton and the surrounding areas who were facing a variety of charges.

If you were arrested in Groton, plan to appear at the:

Ayer District Court
25 E. Main Street
Ayer, MA 01432

The Ayer district Court has both a trial and first session courtroom. The first session court room is located downstairs and this is where your case is likely to begin. If the case proceeds to trial, you will be in the trial courtroom located upstairs.

I have never been charged with OUI before. What can I expect as my case progresses?

An OUI charge is one of the most common charges in the state of Massachusetts. This is likely because the police need little evidence to make an OUI arrest. However, you should know that you will most likely avoid jail time if it is your first or even second OUI offense.

Depending on which route you ultimately decide to take your case, you will likely have several court dates to attend such as:

  • Arraignment
  • Pre-trial Hearing’s
  • Motion Hearing’s
  • Trial date

Your arraignment is when you go before the judge and have your charges formally read to you. At pretrial, a DelSignore Law attorney will use this date to conference with the prosecution and to discuss any additional evidence we need. A motion hearing will allow us to preview the case, and to challenge the lawfulness of some of the evidence. It is also a good way to hear live testimony from the arresting officer. If you end up taking your case to trial, you can expect to have your case heard before a judge or a jury, which typically takes one-full day.


If you are a subsequent offender and find yourself being charged with a third or fourth offense OUI charge, the chance of you getting jail time is increased. However, hiring Attorney DelSignore may decrease these chances as he can present a number of defenses specific to your case. The Groton police department have cameras set up in the booking room to record the booking process; Attorney DelSignore will make an effort to preserve the video and to obtain a copy for your convenience.

The attorney’s at DelSignore Law are frequently at the Ayer District Court and have successfully handled numerous cases where the arresting police department was the town of Groton. Read some of our case results from across Massachusetts here.

To discuss the specifics of your case with an attorney, do not hesitate to contact Attorney Michael DelSignore today.