Penalties for OUI Arrest in Franklin, Massachusetts

One of the most common questions asked by those arrested for OUI in Franklin, Massachusetts, is what are the potential penalties for a conviction. The answer to this question depends on the offense level:

Below are the common penalties based on each offense level.

1st Offense: Likely penalty would be one year probation, 45 day license loss.

2nd Offense: completion of a 14 day in-patient program, 2 year license loss with probation and aftercare and ignition interlock.

3rd Offense: six month jail sentence, 8 year license loss.

With each of these offenses there is a potential of a greater sentence. Any OUI offense carries a maximum of 2.5 years in the house of correction. The above list are the most common penalties for these offenses.

An arrested for DUI does NOT mean that a conviction is inevitable. There are numerous methods of attacking the State’s case and, as members of the National Drunk Driving Defense College, I can help you understand what the police are looking for when they administer field sobriety tests and make an OUI stop.

Attorney DelSignore is an experienced and aggressive Massachusetts drunk driving defense lawyer who will utilize the full power of the Law to obtain a not guilty verdict on your Massachusetts OUI charge.

Attorney DelSignore also defends charges of Second and Third Offense OUI charges and has successfully defended cases involving those with prior OUI convictions.

Franklin DUI arrests and charges are tried in The District Court in Wrentham located at 60 East Street, Wrentham, Massachusetts.

If you have been arrested and charged with a Massachusetts DUI, it's imperative that you contact an experienced, resourceful, and aggressive defense attorney to protect you throughout the legal process. Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer Michael DelSignore has spent years defending clients against DUI, DWI and OUI charges throughout Massachusetts.

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