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Those facing an OUI charge by the Canton police should hire an OUI attorney who is familiar with the practices in the Stoughton District Court.

As a Massachusetts OUI lawyer, I have noted the following items as important details that you should know the following about your Canton OUI charge:

Booking Process Captured on Video

Canton has a videotape of the booking area; as you may have seen, there is a sign that alerts individuals “everything in the booking room is being audio and video taped”. It is important to ask the judge to order this video be preserved so that you can use it in your defense.

An OUI charge from Canton is heard in the Stoughton District Court:

1288 Central St.,
Stoughton, MA 02072

If your case proceeds to trial, the case will be transferred to the Dedham District Court, as Stoughton does not have a jury trial session.

Cases Heard in Stoughton District Court

Stoughton District Court handles criminal charges in Canton and the surrounding area, including:





The Importance of Hiring an OUI Attorney

First time being charged with a Massachusetts OUI? We have information you must know.

If you face a court date in Stoughton for an arrest by the Canton police department, Attorney DelSignore frequently appears in the court your case will be heard and has had numerous cases with the arresting police department. It is important that you hire an attorney so that you understand all the defenses available to you and your case. Individuals facing OUI charges in Canton are often overwhelmed by the legal terminology and may feel that they have no chance in arguing their case, however you should meet with an attorney before jumping to any hasty conclusions.

Attorney DelSignore offers free consultations and will gladly meet with you to discuss your case and the options you have. He has an office located around the corner from the Stoughton District Court at 530 Washington Street, Stoughton. Since Attorney DelSignore actually lives in Canton, appointments can be typically scheduled shortly after your call.

If you would like to schedule an office appointment, you can call 781-686-5924 or you can download Attorney DelSignore free book to learn more about Massachusetts OUI laws.