Cambridge OUI Lawyer

The Cambridge District Court is located at: 4040 Mystic Valley Parkway Medford, MA 02155

Were you arrested for an OUI in Cambridge? Attorney DelSignore has handled many OUI cases throughout Massachusetts, but especially in Cambridge.

If you were arrested in Cambridge, your case will be heard at the Cambridge District Court.

This Court hears cases from:
Cambridge, Arlington, and Belmont
There is parking located at this Courthouse but it is also accessible by public transportation.

Recent Case in Cambridge:

My client was involved in an accident with a state Trooper and had admitted to consuming 3 drinks and failed field sobriety tests. At trial, the Trooper testified that my client has expressed admission and remorse regarding the accident. Attorney DelSignore then cross-examined the Troopers in this case and showed their inconsistencies. The booking process had gone smoothly and my client’s booking photo showed that he did not appear to be intoxicated. With this, my client was able to be found not guilty of OUI by a jury.

If this is your first OUI, you may be scared and confused. However, it is important to know that you are not alone. An OUI charge is one of the most common charges issued in Massachusetts. Although the consequences of an OUI can be severe, but you will likely avoid jail time unless it is your second, third, or fourth offense.

It can be hard for the Commonwealth to prove that you were under the influence. A lot of factors that an officer will use to justify a stop and ultimate arrest can be attributed to other things, like fatigue, for example. There are a number of techniques that I personally will use to defend an OUI, and you can read about those strategies here.

Your case will either be heard by a judge or by a jury. The decision will be largely up to you. I typically will advise my clients on what I feel is the better choice, given the judge and the typical jury pool from that town.

If you have been charged with an OUI in Cambridge, do not hesitate to contact Attorney DelSignore. He can be reached at 781-686-5924.