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Many people arrested in Belchertown are students at UMass Amherst.

If you were arrested at or near UMass Amherst, it is likely that you were arrested by a Amherst Police Officer. Individuals living in the Hadley or Ware area are also often arrested by police officers looking to make OUI arrests.

The Amherst police are very aggressive in making OUI arrests, particularly late at night in area by Main Street, in Amherst near many of the bars. Attorney DelSignore knows what to expect when defending OUI cases; the Amherst police will typically have a video of the booking process of your arrest. This video can be helpful in challenging the officer’s opinion that you were under the influence and in contesting breath test evidence.

Understand that it is easy to get arrested for OUI

When an officer makes a traffic stop and smells alcohol, many officer will look for evidence that justifies an arrest for OUI. It is understandable that police officers are fearful of making a mistake and releasing someone under the influence back on the road. As a result, many are arrested that should be given a citation for any traffic violation and allowed to continue driving home.

While it is easy to be arrested, at trial, part of your defense will be to stress to the jury the vast difference in proof required to arrest an individual versus convict someone of a crime, which requires proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

It is not illegal to drive after consuming alcohol!

The focus of the trial is on whether the Commonwealth can prove your ability to operate was diminished by alcohol.

The Judge at the trial will instruct the jury that it is not illegal to consume alcohol and drive, but that the jury must have evidence that alcohol diminished the defendant’s ability to drive safely.

This is where contesting field sobriety tests results, emphasizing all of your normal activities during the exchange with the officer is used to stress that you knew what was going on, responded quickly to the officer’s questions, had good balance and mental ability.

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