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Barnstable District Court is located at 3195 Main Street, Barnstable, MA 02630.

Barnstable District Court handles arrests from Barnstable, Yarmouth and Sandwich.

If you were arrested for OUI in the Barnstable District Court, you may be concerned about the length of your license loss, and its implications.

I took the breath test and failed it.

If you took a breath test with results higher than .08, your license loss will only last a duration of 30 days. After that period expires, you can get your full license back even if your case is still pending.

I refused the breath test.

If you refused a breath test, the license loss will be for six months, but you have two ways to challenge this.

  1. You can go to the RMV in Boston and request a hearing. You should be aware that in many cases, the RMV will deny your request for reinstatement and you will have to appeal to the Barnstable District Court. It is generally difficult to get a court to overturn a registry suspension.
  2.  The second way is a more reliable option to get your license back prior to the six-month loss. If you are found not guilty prior to the 6 months there is a presumption of reinstatement of your license.

In any case, the license suspension for a breath test refusal is only six months if you have no prior conditions, meaning you will be able to get your license back after this period even if the case is still pending.

Should I Hire a Defense Attorney?

When considering whether or not it will benefit you to hire an attorney to help defend your case, there are a few components you should understand.

  • Firstly, you should know is that these cases are very winnable and there is very little downside to going to trial on a first or second offense OUI.
  • Secondly, the officers report, while it may appear strong and overwhelming to you, it may seem very weak and attackable to a lawyer who regularly practices OUI defense in Barnstable. In many reports that I read, I understand how the officer is planning to testify at trial, and I am able to identify the weaknesses of the reports based on my experience. The field sobriety tests are often inaccurate or incorrectly performed, and these are things I will notice based on my years of experience in the field.
  • Thirdly, the court process, when you are charged with an OUI, can be very slow- the case may take some time and you are allotted many legal rights, which are protected by the Massachusetts Constitution.

First time DUI charges often make strong cases and a not guilty verdict is possible at trial.

The Barnstable District Court is located at 3195 Main St in Barnstable, MA. If you are arrested in any of the following cities or towns- Barnstable, Yarmouth, or Sandwich- the case will be heard in the Barnstable District Court.

What to Do Next

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