Abington OUI Lawyer

As an experienced OUI Lawyer in Abington, Massachusetts, Attorney Michael DelSignore has committed his practice to representing motorists charged with OUI in Abington. Motorists charged with Massachusetts OUI face a lot of unknowns and confusion about how to proceed following an OUI charge. You likely have concerns involving the penalties and risks involved in proceeding to court for OUI such as:

  1. What are the risks in not accepting a plea deal and fighting my OUI charge?

To address this concern, we have to consider what evidence exists in your case and how the law may apply to each piece of evidence. While each case is unique, looking at the evidence in your case can reveal a great deal to an experienced OUI lawyer. A good OUI lawyer will look carefully at each piece of evidence and begin to formulate a defense based on how the law may be applied.

A critical first question for in any OUI case may be: ‘Is this piece of evidence admissible under the law?’ Using this as our example, an experienced OUI lawyer knows that a great deal of evidence can be challenged in court. He or she also understands that a great deal of evidence is often inadmissible in court.

Some examples include:

  1. For breathalyzer results to be admissible to prove operating under the influence, Massachusetts law requires that the two adequate breath samples “must agree within +/-0.02 BAC.” Any difference in breath test readings greater than .02 BAC renders the breathalyzer test completely inadmissible.
  2. For OUI roadblocks, any errors during a sobriety checkpoint stop in Massachusetts will make any evidence collected in the stop inadmissible.
  3. The HGN test, which was when the officer waived the pen in front of your face, is generally inadmissible in court and will likely be excluded from evidence by the trial judge.

Generally, there is very little downside to going to court as the penalties for a plea deal and the penalties for a guilty verdict a virtually the same in most cases when you are charged with a 1st Offense. If you face a third offense, you may have a more difficult decision as to whether to contest the case at trial, but often even with higher offense levels, the severe license loss that accompanies a conviction makes taking the case to trial the better alternative for many who are charged.

An experienced OUI lawyer will be able to highlight evidence that will have a favorable impact on your case and diminish or exclude evidence that may have a negative impact. As an Abington OUI Attorney, Michael DelSignore is qualified and experienced with a focus on OUI law that allows a very thorough and experienced evaluation of the evidence and circumstances of your particular case.

The Brockton District Court handles all OUI cases out of Abington, MA. Brockton District Court is located at 215 Main St Brockton, MA 02301.

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