How long will it take for a domestic assault and battery charge in Massachusetts to be resolved in court?

Many charged with domestic assault and battery in Massachusetts wonder how long with the case take to resolve. Often, a husband or wife may be charged as a result of a misunderstanding, argument that resulted in the police being called to the house. Police officers are required to make an arrest when there is an allegation of domestic assault and battery.

This means that many are charged even when the alleged victim does not wish the case to proceed. It is common for a wife, girlfriend or a family member to call the district attorney to drop the case.

How long will the case be pending in court before it is dismissed?

You could face several court dates and be forced to set the case down for trial before the case is dismissed.

Once charges are brought, they are brought by the Commonwealth, NOT the name victim in the case. No matter how insistent a victim is that a case should get dismissed, ultimately, the decision rests solely with the district attorney’s office.

There is a fear over dismissing a case when a defendant may truly present a danger to a victim, so district attorney’s office have policies on how domestic assault and battery case should be handled. This makes otherwise quick-to-resolve cases, longer to work through the court system.

Time to Resolve a Domestic Case
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