College Campus Crimes

Massachusetts criminal offenses involving college students can have serious consequences. A Massachusetts criminal conviction can impose major limitations on your ability to enter a particular career field and accomplish your career and educational goals.

Attorney DelSignore has represented college students throughout the State of Massachusetts and understands the importance of a favorable resolution of any felony or misdemeanor criminal charge at a college campus.

It is common for college students to face the following type of criminal charges:

OUI: operating under the influence of alcohol.

Assault and Battery: a fight that breaks out on a college campus or at a local college bar could result in charges of assault and battery being brought.

Larceny: theft of school property or the property of another student can result in larceny charges being brought.

  • Violation of a Restraining Order or 209A order
  • Indecent Assault and Battery
  • Sex Crimes

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