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Massachusetts No-Fix Law – Grounds for Dismissal in OUI Cases

A driver who is stopped by police for operating under the influence will either be placed under arrest, or will be charged with an OUI.  In a case where a driver is not placed under arrest, a citation provides notice of an OUI charge.

In Massachusetts, there is a statute referred to as the “no-fix” statute. This statute requires that, in most circumstances, a citation for a motor vehicle violation must be given to the driver at the time and place of the offence. The goal of this statute is to provide imitate notice to the driver and to prevent police tampering, or “fixing” of the ticket after the fact. Poor policing resulted in fixing tickets as personal favors, or making the decision to ticket a person on retaliatory or other illegitimate purposes.

Finding a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer brings many choice, like hiring any professional. Looking for a Lawyer based on the lowest price is generally not a good idea. In most cases, you cannot get the things you value most by looking for the lowest price:

Many want the most vigorous representation, the highest quality of representation and willingness to fight the case through a long and difficult court process.

When the attorney is charging an unreasonably low price, often the lawyer assumes that you will accept a plea and admit to the charge. A low price is a sign that the lawyer is assuming the case will be resolved with a plea. Be very cautious in hiring a lawyer based on the lowest price. You may want to consider some of the following tips to select a lawyer. Most would not select a doctor based on price; the same logic should follow in your selection of a lawyer.

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