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Why Hiring the Cheapest OUI Lawyer is not a good idea

Finding a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer brings many choice, like hiring any professional. Looking for a Lawyer based on the lowest price is generally not a good idea. In most cases, you cannot get the things you value most by looking for the lowest price:

Many want the most vigorous representation, the highest quality of representation and willingness to fight the case through a long and difficult court process.

When the attorney is charging an unreasonably low price, often the lawyer assumes that you will accept a plea and admit to the charge. A low price is a sign that the lawyer is assuming the case will be resolved with a plea. Be very cautious in hiring a lawyer based on the lowest price. You may want to consider some of the following tips to select a lawyer. Most would not select a doctor based on price; the same logic should follow in your selection of a lawyer.

In most of my cases, a client will see the officer testify and be present for an evidentiary hearing. A case is rarely resolved without challenging the evidence either through a trial or motion. In most cases there is no downside to attempting to exclude evidence through a motion hearing. If the motion is unsuccessful, typically the case can be resolved.

My approach to any OUI case that I take is that I will begin with the assumption we are preparing the case for trial not looking for a quick resolution.

Some clients I have met with who have been charged with a Second or Third OUI will relate hiring a lawyer only to resolve the case on one court date. This is puzzling when I hear this because it is hard to see what value the lawyer would provide as the lawyer would not have had a chance to meaningfully review and gather evidence. There are many excellent OUI Lawyers in Massachusetts. The Best Lawyers charge higher fees than those looking for you to accept a quick plea. Be mindful of this when hiring the lawyer that agrees to charge the lowest price. One good source to find a lawyer is Avvo.com while another good source is Justia.com directory of lawyers.

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