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If you have had your license suspended by the Massachusetts RMV, you know it is a frustrating and difficult process to get it back.  Often, you will need a hearing with the Massachusetts Board of Appeals to get your license back.  This is a three member board that has more discretion to reinstate your license than the RMV.  To get to the Board of Appeals, you must fill out a form and send in a fifty dollar filing fee.   Your hearing will be scheduled in four to six months.  Here are some tips for success before the Board.

  1.  The Board is not simply going to reinstate your license no matter how long you have been without it.
  2. You must address the reason for the suspension; if it is medical, make sure to fill out the RMV medical forms.  There is a medical evaluation form as well as a loss of consciousness form if there is any allegation you lost consciousness or sustained a head injury.

The recent deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire has brought light to the issue of whether the defendants CDL license should have been active at the time of the incident. In 2013 the defendant, Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, received an immediate threat license suspension after being arrested and charged with OUI. He was placed on probation for one year and had his license suspended in 2014 for a total of 210 days. Last month the defendant was arrested in Connecticut on a second offense OUI after failing a field sobriety test and was also involved in an 18-wheeler roll-over crash as recent as last week.

Zhukovskyy’s license remained inactive until May 2017, following his completion of a “youth alcohol program suspension”. Zhukovskyy’s second OUI arrest last month should have been sufficient to suspend his CDL license. However, the issue remains whether or not the Registry of Motor Vehicles was aware of the arrest or if the information slipped through a loophole. Many Massachusetts residents are becoming increasingly concerned that there may be other people like Zhukovskyy that are on the roads but should not be. When Zhukovskyy was arrested and brought to the police station following his OUI second arrest, he refused a breathalyzer test which should have resulted in the automatic termination of his CDL license.


Image from the scene of the accident in Randolph, New Hampshire.

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