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Review of Lawyer Marketing Podcasts

One of the great things about cell phones is that we have an almost unlimited access to information. The difficulty is figuring out what information is worth listening to . I have discovered an excellent Podcast on the internet called the JD Blogger Podcast. He is a plaintiff debt collection lawyers but provides very useful information for lawyers.

He often recommends new technology and discusses some of the methods he has used to improve his marketing. He focuses on content marketing and has a very informative websites and Blog. I have also adopted a more content focus approach so find his information helpful. There is a debate among lawyers about the best way to market, in terms of pay per click and trying to rank organically. While I am sure there are many lawyers who are successful with pay per click, it has not worked well for me. I plan to give it another try but have not found a great way to test it.

Podcasts like the JD Blooger I enjoy because as a solo lawyer it is helpful to get new ideas and hear about how other lawyers are running their practice.  Typically, on the podcast JD Blogger will promote a new technology useful for lawyers and in the recent Podcast discussed setting up a Podcast and the technology he uses to launch his Podcast.

Some of the other podcasts that I have found or were recommended by JD Blogger include Lunch with Lawyers and the John Fisher medical malpractice Podcast.  There is a great deal of information about lawyer marketing on the internet.  One of the leading lawyer marketers is Attorney Ben Glass from Virginia who has published many books and runs his own Lawyer Coaching Program.

In upcoming Blogs, I plan to discuss some events that I plan to attend to improve my practice and knowledge of DUI law.  If you would like to discuss marketing or how I run my firm, feel free to contact me or connect with me on my Law firm Facebook page.




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