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Police Increase enforcement of Massachusetts OUI Laws over New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a time for increased DUI patrol. Police are always looking to crack down on drunk driving, but New Year’s Eve sees a greater police presence. It is important to be careful and consider public transportation or taking a taxi when driving in Massachusetts tonight.

Getting arrested for DUI even if you are found not guilty is an enormous stress for all of my clients. It impacts their work, health and family situation. As a Massachusetts OUI Lawyer, I frequently have to discuss difficult choices with people in proceeding through the legal system after an OUI arrest.

If it is not possible to avoid driving or consuming alcohol, there is always a chance that you will be subject to an arrest for OUI because the crime is based on opinion. Before driving after consuming alcohol, make sure you understand how much you drank and its impact on your ability to drive. Also, make sure you correctly calculate how much you consumed. One of the more frequent mistakes that can lead to an arrest is assuming that one glass of wine is really just one glass of wine. At nicer restaurants the size of the glass makes one glass closer to two glasses.

If you are arrested for OUI, you will have to appear in Court on Friday for an arraignment. You can feel free to contact me on New Years Day and will be able to schedule an appointment that day in most cases.

In the spirit of helping your toward having a great”_blank”year, I would suggest you read a Book called the Silght Edge by Jeff Olson. Feel free to follow me on Google +1 where I talk about changes in the law and interesting books I have discovered.

Myself and entire staff which you a safe New Year’s Eve.

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