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Massachusetts DUI Roadblock arrest involving fleeing motorist

Fleeing a Lawrence DUI roadblock has resulted in assault charges and complications for one man’s Massachusetts DUI defense team – not to mention it nearly got him killed.beerpour.jpg

Lawrence DUI defense lawyers understand that sobriety checkpoints are intimidating. While we have long challenged their legality and effectiveness, the fact is, for now they are legal and that isn’t likely to change anytime soon. However, there are solid defenses that an experienced Lawrence DUI lawyer can mount to weaken the credibility of the state’s case.

Additionally, cases involving Massachusetts DUI roadblocks are often tough for prosecutors anyway. That’s because when you’re stopped at a checkpoint, officers often have no proof that you were driving erratically. Plus, these operations rely a great deal on field sobriety tests. These are non-scientific and highly subjective measures by which law enforcement tries to prove a Lawrence DUI. Such “evidence” may not stand up in court.

For you, that means that fleeing is rarely a smart option because in the end, you’re likely to be charged with additional offenses, as well as the underlying DUI, DWI or OUI you were aiming to avoid.

However, if you do try to take off (maybe you don’t even remember it happening), contacting a skilled Lawrence OUI attorney as soon as possible after the incident is going to be critical to giving you the best chance of beating or mitigating the charges.

With the most recent incident, the details we have at this point are sketchy, but here’s what we know so far from Police: Lawrence man fleeing DWI roadblock hits trooper, Staff Report, The Eagle-Tribune

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