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Does the Second Amendment permit States to deprive someone of the right to bear arms for a misdemeanor offense?  The right to bear arms is one that a large portion of Americans consider of the utmost importance. In Holloway v. Barr, a case pending before the United States Supreme Court on a petition for certiorari, Holloway argues that losing his Second Amendment rights due to a nonviolent misdemeanor is a constitutional violation. 

A lifetime ban on firearms is a penalty most felons are handed as part of their punishment.  The extent to which people who committed past crimes can be banned is an issue ripe with disagreement.  Some believe the logic is that dangerous people should not be allowed to have firearms, so violent felons should be prohibited from using them.  Another rationale for disarming former felons is that the individual lacks virtue, which is why they should not own a firearm. 

What is the law concerning individuals with criminal records owning a firearm?

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