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The COVID-19 vaccine is out and many wonder what the legal ramification are; can you be required to take the vaccine.  As everyone is aware, the vaccine was rushed through at a record speed.  Have all the side effects of the vaccine been adequately studied?  We will not know the answer to this question for years.  Some may not want to take a vaccine quickly before it has been fully studied.

The 4th Amendment is the Constitutional provision that most directly impacts our privacy and what control the government has over our body.  I do not believe the State or Government can compel anyone to take the Vaccine and impose criminal or civil penalties; the case law allowing mandatory vaccination must allow for exceptions based on health risks and possible side effects to the person receiving the vaccine. The law could require vaccination as a condition to grant privileges , to attend school, to fly, participate in public events.

What about your job can an employer condition returning to work on vaccination?  

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