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Why being a Lawyer is still a Great Career Choice

Recently, there has been some depressing news about the legal job market. The number of lawyers claiming to be unhappy in their career choice is high. Law students have brought suits against law schools. Law schools are lowering tuition according to a report in the America Bar Journal, including an 18% cut by Roger Williams Law School with similar cuts by Arizona and Iowa University Law Schools.

But as I move into my 15 year as a lawyer and approach my 9th Anniversary of the opening of my law practice, dedicating to DUI and Criminal Defense, I could not be happier with my job.

Here are the three things that make it a joy to go to work.

1. I typically help people charged with drunk driving who have goals and ambitions, have jobs, families and careers; this case is a threat to that, they are concerned that one mistake will ruin their hard work throughout their lives. I like the clients that I work with and am motivated to give them that second chance.
2. It never stays the same; there is always new ways to explain field sobriety. Better ways to communicate with a jury. While the basic objectives during trial stay the same, the methods to accomplish these objectives can always be improved and changed.
3. It never gets routine standing up for someone you have known for from anywhere from six months to a year, or longer and tell their story, to six people in the community. It is a privilege to be able to speak for another.

While there are challenges to having a career as a lawyer that did not exist years ago, if you go to law school because you love the job, communicating with people and telling someone’s story you will have a great career as a lawyer. The best attorneys are positive, enthusiastic, understand that the job is a lifetime learning process in terms of studying new court decision, developing improved methods to teach a jury and to become a better person, which leads to more authentic communication. I would encourage anyone to go get their law degree there is always room for great people to join the legal profession. If you like to discuss a career in the law, feel free to contact me I would be happy to provide any advice I can.

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