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Learn the Process in Court when charged with OUI out of the Westborough District Court

Drivers who were stopped and charged with an OUI out of Westborough can expect to appear before the Westborough District Court for pretrial matters. As the case progresses towards trial, the case will be transferred to the Worcester Trial Court, where it will be scheduled for a jury session.

When you face an OUI charge out of Westborough, your case will first be heard at the courthouse at 186 Oak Street – right off of Route 9. There you will be arraigned by the court, and will be asked whether you will be representing yourself or if you have retained a lawyer. If you cannot afford a lawyer, you should speak with the probation office to determine whether you are eligible for a court-appointed lawyer.

Following the arraignment, you will be given later court dates on which you will appear with your lawyer. The court will also schedule later dates to hear motions by either party. During these later court dates, you will have an opportunity to discuss additional evidence that the district attorney has not provided at the first court date as well as discuss a resolution of the case. For someone charged with a First OUI with no record, the standard plea offer is a CWOF or continuance without a finding on the OUI charge. I have discussed this type of resolution on my website.



In the above video, I explain the court process in handling an OUI arrest in the above video.
If after weighing the evidence you and your attorney decide to proceed to trial, your attorney will ask the court for a trial date. Cases from Westborough have to be transferred to the courthouse in Worcester on Main street, since Westborough does not hold its own jury sessions. Once your case is transferred, it is important to understand that the Worcester court begins to call cases at 8:30 AM, so be sure to be on time. Your case will likely remain in Worcester from this point forward till it is fully resolved.

This video is one of many informational videos that you can find about OUI Defenses on my Youtube channel and on my web page, all designed to answer your questions about an OUI arrest.

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