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Taunton Brothers Face Massachusetts Drugs Charges After Police Raid

The Taunton Daily Gazette reports that two brothers are facing guns and drug charges after a police raid.

Drug charges and gun charges in Taunton often go hand-in-hand.

Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers have defended many clients charged with both crimes. In the Commonwealth, drug charges can range from possession of a small amount of marijuana to being caught with larger amounts that can lead to trafficking charges.

In gun cases, possession of a gun without a firearm identification card can lead to mandatory jail time. Possession by a convicted felon or using a weapon while committing another crime are also serious offenses.

But there are many defenses to these two charges. Your defense lawyer must carefully review the facts and circumstances that led police to believe they were justified in filing such charges. If they relied on a search warrant to gain entry to a home, car or business to seek evidence, what was written in an affidavit must be scrutinized.

In many cases, a group of people can be riding in a car that gets pulled over by law enforcement. If there’s an illegal gun or drugs in the car, police will sometimes attempt to charge everyone. That’s simply not right and cases like that have been overturned and charged dropped because police don’t have the facts to back up such charges.

In this case, 19-year-old Adilson DaGraca-Teixeira and 21-year-old Jason DaGraca-Teixeira are charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, conspiracy to violate drug laws, possession of ammunition without a firearms identification card and possession of a firearm without a firearms identification card. They are both being held without bond while they await a February 2 trial date.

On November 3, police raided their apartment at 56 Wales St. after they got a search warrant signed by a judge. Officers said they found heroine, oxycodone as well as a hidden compartment in the ceiling that contained ammunition and two handguns. The defendants’ sister, Melinda Teixeira, 18, was arrested as well as three other people. She is being charged with possession of heroin with intent to distribute, being present where heroin is kept and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Three other 19-year-olds — Alexander Torres Jr., of Brockton, Jeschalie Jimenez, of Providence and Darius Jones of Taunton face various drug possession charges.

These young people now face very serious drug charges that can have a profound effect on their future. But remember, it is the prosecution’s job to prove the charges, not the other way around. A defendant doesn’t have to say anything before a jury because the charges must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, not disproven.

There are defenses that must be considered for a person facing charges that are this serious. When the defendants are young and have a future ahead of them, the responsibility is even greater. Putting your faith in an experienced and aggressive Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer is the best course of action at the earliest possible stage in such cases.

Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer Michael DelSignore represents clients facing serious misdemeanor and felony charges throughout the state.

The Law Offices of Michael DelSignore are conveniently located in Stoughton, Attleboro, New Bedford and Westborough.

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